Dipskate Short Clip Edits

The Dipskate crew has been hitting the dipskate.tv site with a few new edits under the Dipskate Short Clips or DSCC series. The edits feature Ramelle Knight, John Stephens, Rafael Herrera and new comer to the Dipskate family, Jose Henriquez. Check out two more edits after the jump.

Source: http://www.dipskate.tv

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11 Responses to “Dipskate Short Clip Edits”

  1. HYPER MIKE Says:

    No Skating in the club gimmie 20 doller gimmie 20 dollers !

  2. alex b Says:

    seriously dipskate needs to stop it..
    they aren’t anywhere as good as the major paid pros.
    they aren’t benefiting rollerblading by being rebels and separated from the others…

    this stupid “movement” needs to stop

  3. evan G Says:

    wat are u doing for skating????

  4. JEFF MATEO Says:

    alex b stop being a fagget and just support them these guys are good and their doing their thing ight. so just stop hating.

  5. show love Says:

    Alex b what are you doing for rolling?
    Seriously keep your bitchass comments to your self because its not benefitting anyone and you’re definitely not getting any props so you should just stop.

    Quit rolling because to hate on other rollers is some woodpusher type shit.

    You aint shit dog.

  6. RK Says:

    Rebels? Separated from others? I think not……

    We show love to all and we don’t hate. If you don’t like what we do…. watch something you do like. We are not here for that.

    I built Dipskate TV not only for the riders on the team, but for an outlet to skaters with no chance of being seen. It allows them to link with other skaters and at the same time, they can chat, show photos and even upload videos to the site to be seen by everyone thats down with Dipskate TV.

    But before I close this up, I would like to say Thank You Alex B (whoever you are) for watching this video and clicking it as well as typing in Irollny.com into your web browser.


  7. Common Sense Says:

    …dipskate skaters aren’t as good as the major paid pro’s. that isn’t hating its a fact. i dont have anything againt dipskate but i think its clear to see their skating isn’t on the same level as a jeff dalnas, david sizemore, mike murda…. let alone a haffey or aragon.

  8. Huh? Says:

    Common Sense shut the fuck up…

    First of all….these are simple short clip edits.
    Judging off of some people having fun is gay. This is whats wrong with skating, can’t even have fun no more! Everyone on Dipskate can skate there asses off if they really want to. so shut your mouth or put up some money.

    Theres no money in skating and most of you lames hate like dudes are making millions, SMH.

    At the end of the day though, You still clicked on the link and came to irollny.com to see them, Fucking loser.

  9. Robert Monegro Says:

    dip skate team dont have to be pro;s or get payed they already street sponsord fuc the pro;s they broke any ways tight pants….assesss RK is my people;s keep the movement for life …….fuck u haters

  10. Robert Monegro Says:

    Swagger like us no one …….stay .fresh .stay .fly sk8fly ……dip skate …………………………

  11. vic Says:

    lmfao that kid alex b is a complete fool thinkin he would have support behind what the fuk he thinks lmao. clown

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