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BCSD The Experience: Episode 1

April 18, 2011

“In Feburary 2011 the Evotek crew and 3/5ths of Dipskate went on a 12 hour drive to the magical land of Michigan. Armed with cameras, a GPS, beer, and a give em hell attitude, these individuals documented their journey and participation in Bitter Cold Show Down 2011, one of the largest and “bitter cold” of all showdowns. Experience in wonderful 2D! the mind blowing excitement of being in a car for 12 hours with 6 people!” – EvoTek Media

EvoTek Yearbook Photos Volume 1

January 15, 2011

Check out the new photo series from Christen Cofer bringing you some never before seen pictures from the EvoTek crew. “Between myself and other members of the Evotek crew there are alot of never before seen behind the scenes photos that we had taken over the years. i personally have a volt of photos that have yet to see the light of i took when i went out filming or to an event like LMS.These photos may not necessarily hold much significance for the Rollerblading scene as a whole but definitely myself and perhaps the people in the photos. I wanted to share them and maybe bring back some memories for some people. I plan on releasing a handful of photos each month. Most of these photos were taken by either myself or Adonis Taylor” – Christen Cofer. Check out the photos below.

Mullaly Skatepark Edit

January 31, 2010

Ramelle Knight posted a new edit at the Mullaly Skatepark in the Bronx, NY. The short edit features Jose Henriquez, Ramelle Knight, and Jan Teurlinckx. Check out all the dope tricks that went down in this short session.

Ramelle Knight Light Clips

November 16, 2009

Check the short edit of Ramelle Knight getting it in with some light clips at the Brooklyn Banks and marble ledges at Wall Street in Manhattan, NY. Thanks to Ramelle for letting I Roll NY host his latest edit.

Dipskate Short Clip Edits

October 10, 2009

The Dipskate crew has been hitting the site with a few new edits under the Dipskate Short Clips or DSCC series. The edits feature Ramelle Knight, John Stephens, Rafael Herrera and new comer to the Dipskate family, Jose Henriquez. Check out two more edits after the jump.

Dipskate Short Clips

October 7, 2009

Check out the edit from Ramelle Knight featuring John Stephens and Rafael Herrera of the Dipskate team. This is a short edit from the Dipskate crew giving you a sample of what’s to come in the future. Expect to see more Dipskate Short Clips (DSSC’s) in the future.


An Afternoon with Mr Stephens and the Art of Rolling By: Evotek Media

September 16, 2009
View in HD

Evotek Media creates another top quality edit featuring Bronx, NY’s John Stephens. John was able to get a ton of clips in one day during his photo session with the Art of Rolling in the Bronx, and the guys over at Evotek were able to produce this short edit. “First and Foremost Rest In Peace to John’s Dad, “Hollywood”, who passed recently…This was filmed in the Bronx during Angelo’s Art of Rolling Magazine Photoshoot. Check out John on page 35 as well as Ramelle Knight’s interview and cover shot in Issue 4. Issue 5 is out now featuring Kelly Matthews, Joe Dedentro, Rawlingson Rivera, Ray Mendez, Ron Hunter & Jose Disla” – Evotek Media

Dipskate’s Newest Member: Rafael Herrera

August 20, 2009

Bronx, NY’s Rafael Herrera has recently been added to the Dipskate roster. It’s a great pick up that’s well deserved. Ralphy’s been killing the NYC scene and is always improving and progressing and I’m sure he’ll add his skills to the team. “Mr. Herrera has been holding it down for NYC since I started so I felt it was only right to add him to the team. He is a great skater to all of us and great friend to me. I know this power move will help Dipskate push forward in the near future. Once Again, Congrats to Rafael Herrera and I am so proud to have him on my team” – Ramelle Knight.


Ramelle Knight Quick Edit Second Version

August 6, 2009

Ramelle Knight hits I Roll NY with fire this time around doing some of this sickest tricks, switch ups, and transfers on this rail set in New Rochelle, NY. For those that may have doubted Mel’s swagger in the past he’s definitely coming with footage and tricks that will change your mind. Check the sick edit up top. It’s definitely something you’ll watch over and over again “Skated with Andy, Ricky, Jose, Ralphy Herrera, Greg Sturino & John Stephens For a Little while and got some clips. Holla!” Ramelle Knight.

Ramelle Knight Dipskate Quick Edit

August 3, 2009
Ramelle – Mute 540 Photo: John Stephens (Click to enlarge)

Dipskate Team Rider Ramelle Knight put this short edit up of himself skating the now popular LES (Lower East Side) skate park located under the Manhattan Bridge. If you haven’t been there recently you can see all the upgrades they made including all of the various ledges and curved practice rails. If you have been there recently, then you know how hard it is to flow in that park but some how Bronx, NY native, Ramelle Knight, gets the job done lacing every trick with steeze and making each spin out of a trick look effortless even off of the smallest object. Check the edit up top.

Thanks to Kixx for the find