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New York Skate Series: Alphabet City

August 5, 2015

The New York Skate Series is a collaborative effort from local New York City rollerbladers to organize a series of competitions and events in NYC. The first competition under the NYSS was held Saturday July 25th at 12th street and Avenue D in Manhattan, New York.

Sponsored by Aggressive Mall, All Easy Entertainment, Arcena, Blade Life Clothing, Blader Gang, Blader Nation, Circolo Wheels, Circolo Wax, Eulogy Wheels, Ground Control frames, Hellions Clothing, I Roll NY, Jug, K2, Kizer, Kore, Moonshine UHMW, NY Money Team, One Magazine, Razors, Remz, Rollerblade, Rolelrwarehouse, SSM, Titen, Undercover, USD, and Xsjado.

Thank you to all the sponsors, Adonis Taylor, Jon Gillen, Jesus Medina, Jlyn Ortiz, Ray Mendez, Jordan Baez, Jon Ortiz, Craig Benabu and everyone else who helped and participated in the first ever New York Skate Series.

Winter Madness 2013 Edit

December 18, 2013

“Winter Madness 2013 on December 7 2013 was madness! We had a sick Box contest with evolving obstacles that brought out some pro tricks from NY Finest. Congrats to the top 3 Bladers Steve Nichols (3rd) Ramelle Knight (2nd) and Trevor Johnson (1st). Thanks to our sponsors: Beyond the Ledge Wax, Sk8rFour Life Clothing, Kore Skates, Circolo Wheels, XS Energy Drink, and Oil City Skatepark” – Daxslide Productions. Filmed by Mathew Rencher.

Catching Up With Ramelle Knight

February 1, 2013

Adonis Taylor: Yo what’s up man? How you been?

Ramelle Knight: Been good, just working on healing this knee.

Yeah I see. I’m hearing all about this knee but I’ve got no idea what happened

. Fill us in…
Yea man…

Here’s what happened…

Mid August a 95 year-old (Yes 95 years-old, lol) lady T-Boned into my girlfriends car hitting the passenger side in which my knee became sore. I went to a knee specialist and had some MRIs done of my knee finding out that I tore my meniscus. Right after finding that out my doctor did surgery to repair my meniscus as well as some other cartilage tearing.

Yikes. I forget that we have misfortunes outside of blading but I’m kind of happy to hear it wasn’t through blading. 
Didn’t you have a previous knee injury from blading circa the Know Difference / |B| Unique days?
Well I’ve had a couple bangs and bruises at that time but nothing that needed any surgery.

Okay, How soon can we expect to see you back on a pair of blades? And what have you been doing in the downtime?
Right now I’m working with a great physical therapist to get me back to 100%. In another 4 weeks I should have full range of motion so I’ll say in about 8 weeks or so I should be fully back up and running again. 8 more weeks on Therapy and 4 after that of me just working out and building muscle back.

Oh that sounds like a quick recovery process. I guess I’m not too familiar with the meniscus. For those of us that don’t know, what exactly does the meniscus do

The meniscus is basically a cartilage disk that acts as a cushion between the ends of bones that meet in a joint.

Okay I can visualize that better now which actually sounds like it won’t be the same after tearing it. Once your range of motion is back do you anticipate losing any tricks or being partially limited on a certain side?

I hope that I’m not partially limited. My doctor says once fully healed and strengthened properly I should be able to do whatever I was able to before the surgery. I know with my own mental fears I will be limited at the beginning but as time goes on I think I’ll be back to normal.

I’m relieved to hear that this injury is not as severe as assumed and I hope you can make a full re-introduction.
I hope so too bruh.

Before I go any further… I’d like to personally thank you for this opportunity and for giving us all a chance to get to know what’s going on in your life.
You’re quite welcome Adonis and thank you as well for taking the time out to chop it up with me.

Interview: Adonis Taylor. Photo: Ryan Loewy.

Behind The Scenes: Flatlines Skate Shop X Kore

September 16, 2012

During Brian Scott’s memorial session, I Roll NY got the first word on the newest skate about to hit the market. Robert Czajko, owner of Flatlines skate shop, and Ramelle Knight, team rider, introduces us to Kore. The first skate to ever come out of New York City.

Official 2012 L.E.S. Box Jam Edit

August 9, 2012

On Saturday August 4th, 2012 we had a box jam in the Lower East Side area of Manhattan. A lot of kids came out to show their support and hang out with old and new friends. I picked up on a very relaxed vibe as soon as I got there and knew that this comp/jam would be different than any other in NYC so I decided to film it differently than the others. I decided to film the day’s events in a more documentary style. Shooting a lot of b-roll and doing small interviews with people in attendance. Check out all the tricks that went down at 2012 L.E.S. Box Jam.

Youtube / Mobile version after the jump. (more…)

Box Jam Results

August 5, 2012

First Place: Brent Scherer

Second Place: Ramelle Knight

Third Place: James Perez

Best Trick: Steven Sin (Topsoul on the box to transfer topsoul on the curved ledge 180 out)

Coleman Skatepark Take Over Photos

July 9, 2012

Franco Cammayo – Zerospin Fishbrain

Saturday, the Coleman Skatepark Take Over session went down. Bladers from all over New York City and visiting bladers from Columbia spent the day at the park sessioning all the new obstacles. Thanks to everyone who came out and joined in on the session. Check out all the photos below. Until next time!

One Minute at Shields Skate Park With Ramelle Knight

February 27, 2012

“One hour with Ramelle Knight at Shields Skate Park..” – Sam DeAngelis.

Rejects NYC Section 2002

February 5, 2012

A film by Rejects skate magazine © 2002

Skaters: Mike “Murda” Johnson, Ramelle Knight, Franco Cammayo, Mikey Cancel, Justin Brasco, Ralphy Herreras, Omar Morsy, Sam Grimm, Alex Nunez, Billy O’neill, Brian Allen, Damian, Boshi Pope, Courney Brown

New Years Eve River Ave Bash Edit

January 6, 2012

“NYE RiverAve Bash is My edit for the Event hosted by Flatline Skateshop and I Roll NY. It was a crazy day with rain soaking the park as we get there and the efforts of the youth and fellow bladers to work together and make this day happen. We went out with a bang! Enjoy the edit and the skating of some of NY’s Finest Rollers. Daniel Irizarry, Mike Kazberuk, William Jorge, Nico The Guy, Christian Brito, Brendan Taylor, Steven Osoris, Pablo Munez, Jose Henriquez, Ramelle Knight, Mal Ashby, Chris Murphy, Hector “HappyFeet” Rodriguez” – Dave Herrera.

Rail Champion: Chris Murphy

Coping Champion: Hector Rodriguez