Kevin Dowling 365 Clips in NYC Part 2

Kevin Dowling spent some time in NYC in September and sticking to his 365 clips project, where he plans on getting a clip everyday for one straight year, (he’s already over 100 clips!) Kevin caught some footage of himself skating our area. I Roll NY featured his earlier clips in NYC, check the previous New York City clips here, but I recently found more footage. Check out the rest of the clips after the jump.

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4 Responses to “Kevin Dowling 365 Clips in NYC Part 2”

  1. hannah Says:

    where was that first clip from???

  2. irollny Says:

    it’s somewhere in chinatown, mostly a boarder spot.

  3. evan G Says:

    like were at though u know a cross street?

  4. kevindowling Says:

    if you take a left out of the manhattan bridge skate park, it is like a block or two down on the left…

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