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EvoTek Yearbook Photos Volume 2

February 20, 2011

Trevor Johnson – Topacid. This photo was taken at the Why So Serious comp back in September 2008 during warm ups.

Second installment of the photo series from Christen Cofer. You can see the first set previously posted here. Check out all the photos below. Words and pics by Christen Cofer.

Franco Cammayo Edit + Interview

September 3, 2010

Sophie Planque: Can you make a short summary of your “rollerblade story” for everybody ?
I’ve been blading hard for over 17 years… through the blood, sweat and tears, I’ve loved every intense moment of it. I am just now, really getting started as far as “pursuing my professional career” since I have an awesome, fairly secure & lenient job and the wonders of the internet allowing me to study my Masters degree online wherever I go…Style is incredibly important to me at this phase of skating I am in… quality over quantity is a good way to look at it…

In few sentences, what is your vision of rollerblade?
Blading is the most badass thing out there to me. A fusion of family and friends, a worldwide social network in its own. A passionate challenge in life that can leave anyone fulfilled and proud of themselves and friends alike..It can be the biggest thing since Rice&SoySauce.. once all of the puzzle pieces come together and the public slowly re-opens their eyes to the evolution of Blading… See the full interview here.

Kevin Dowling Olympus Your Story Entry

August 3, 2010

Kevin Dowling has been visiting our city filming for his Olympus tour focusing on Montre Livingston and Rob G. He completed his tour video and uploaded his entry yesterday. His Olympus “Your Story” entry focuses on the New York City scene, skaters, and skate spots. Check out the video up top.

Kevin Dowling Olympus Update “We Can Not Be Stopped.”

July 25, 2010

During Kevin Dowling’s stay in NYC his Olympus camera was unfortunately stolen. Fortunately though, two New York skaters came together and bought Kevin a replacement camera. Check out some of the story and the photos below. “I am posting this sitting on my couch in Atlanta Georgia minus one Olympus E-PL1. On the last day of filming in NYC I woke up at 5am to get some b-roll, segues and finish up filming with Franco Cammayo. We skated hard all day long and Franco finished up his segment with 4 incredible stunts. When we went back to Union Square to pack the car up so I could get out of town the Camera (along with all 8gb of footage from the day) was stolen out of the car with Franco standing right there.

2 hours had passed since I was harshly checked by the big apple. I hopped on the Brooklyn Bridge convincing myself that everything would work out. I was giving Franco Cammayo a ride home to Staten Island and as I gazed into the high wires of the wonderful structure that dumps millions into and out of NYC daily Franco received a phone call from a friend of ours who skates named Neil Diskin. Neil heard about the camera getting stolen via Facebook and wanted to find out from the source if it was true. Franco notified him that indeed the camera was stolen, explained to him that we were trying to come with ideas to finish the project and hung up the phone.

As we continued our drive we chatted about family life, skating and tried to come up with ideas on how to fund the rest of the mission. As we spoke about these things my phone rang, I picked it up to hear the voice of Neil Diskin again who asked me for my address. I gave him my address and when I asked him why he needed it he told me that him and his friend Bobby had just purchased a new E-PL1 for me and it would be at my house in 2 days! GAME ON! 2 hard working guys putting their money on the line for blading in a rough economy, this is the kind of thing that makes our culture incredible!” – Kevin Dowling. See more photos and the rest of the story from Kevin’s stay in NYC here.

Behind The Scenes with Kevin Dowling and Montre Livingston

July 21, 2010

Montre getting caught by security. Photo: Christen Cofer.

Last week Montre Livingston and Kevin Dowling came to visit New York City for their Olympus tour and joined in on the Lets Roll NY session on Wednesday. Photographer Christen Cofer met up with the two as they enjoyed the session and caught some behind the scenes photos of the two and a few other bladers that came to the session. See all of the pics below. All photos by Christen Cofer.

ONE Blade Life: Montre and Crew at Tri-State Skate

July 20, 2010

“Tri-State Skate Shop, located in Hillburn, NY, is the only rollerblader owned shop in the New York area, and this past weekend Tri-State Skate welcomed NIMH Pro Rider Montre Livivngston. Montre brought with him renowned photo/videographer Kevin Dowling, recent winner of the Olympus PEN Contest. They are currently working on filming a documentary which has potential to further expand worldwide appreciation for the rollerblading industry.”

“Along with these vital representatives came New York City natives Billy O’Neill and Franco Cammayo, showing support to Tri-State Skate and ripping it up for a few clips and flicks at Drop In Skate Park. Several other videographers and photographers were in attendance such as prestigious photographer Ryan Lowey, Jason Staine of Rolling Film Media, and NYC’s Ray Mendez. On July 16th, bladers from all over the Tri-State area came to show love for Tri-State Skate Shop and welcomed Montre, Fish, Franco, and Kevin with open arms. Thanks to shop owner Greg kieffer who made it all possible” – Sam DeAngelis.

“I want to thank Kevin Dowling and Montre for making time to come out to the shop during their short stay in NYC, and wish Kevin luck on his Olympus blading documentary. Right now he is doing amazing things toward the growth of rollerblading with FootageTape and the Olympus project, and if he wins there is no doubt that it will have a huge impact on the future of rollerblading. I also want to specially thank Billy O’Neill and Franco Cammayo for always supporting the shop by coming out to session the park downstairs. Having Billy and Franco visiting the shop/park frequently not only helps keep the shop thriving, but also helps get more kids to throw their boards in the trash and pick up blades. People like Montre, Fish, Franco, and Kevin are the type of people who will help rollerblading get to the top… Where it should be” – Greg Kieffer. See all the photos and the rest of the article on the ONE Magazine website.


Montre and K Dirty at Tri-State Skate Tomorrow + New Mobile Shop!

July 15, 2010

If you didn’t get a chance to skate with special guests Montre Livingston and Keving Dowling at yesterday’s Lets Roll New York session then tomorrow Tri-State Skate is giving you another shot at meeting up with the gnarly duo. Montre and Kevin will be at TSS at 7:00PM. Tri-State Skate is located above Drop-In skatepark at 143 Rt. 59 East Building 4E Hillburn NY 10931.

For the remainder of the summer the Tri-State Skate shop will be closed on Sundays, but will be opening at 1:00PM everyday. Also, TSS will now be attending sessions every Sunday at either Pier 62, River Ave, or the Maloof skateparks in NYC with product to sell. Every Saturday Tri-State will post on the TSS blog, Twitter, and Facebook which park they will be attending that Sunday. If you would like Tri-State Skate to bring a specific product for you to purchase, or just check out, call them at 201-739-5442. Email at, or leave them a Facebook message.

I Roll NY Supporter Kevin Dowling: Footage Tape Christmas Special

December 26, 2009

Just in time for the holidays, Kevin Dowling and Jamie Olmstead of Footage Tape put together this short comedic sketch where Kevin is rocking the I Roll NY tee. Check the sketch above and get a good laugh while watching Santa Clause do a pretty gnarly roll in near the end. Thanks to Kevin and happy holidays to everyone!

Kevin Dowling and Jamie Olmstead Premiere Footage Tape

October 30, 2009

Kevin Dowling and Jamie Olmstead have premiered their project titled, Footage Tape, which is an online high definition web series that has set the standards for any piece of online media dedicated to rollerblading. Not only does Footage Tape provide great footage of some of rollerblading’s top pros doing the sickest tricks with multiple angles but it covers each section as a news report which is refreshing to see. This first episode is approximately 31 minutes long and is better than most videos that are out now. Footage Tape provides great coverage on the Panhandle Pow Wow and the Boots, Burgers, and Hammers competition as well as scene reports on Tennessee, Georgia, South Carolina, and New York City.

The NYC report rounds off the video. Saving the best for last? I think so. Kevin opens up the NYC section showing his love for our scene, and the I Roll NY site (I love you Kevin!) as well as dedicating the opening footage to our lost friend Brian “Cozmik” Scott which I’m truly grateful for. The NYC footage goes on to cover one of our many Lets Roll NY sessions, our Last Man Standing competition, and various pros skating our city. Thank you to Kevin and Jamie for not only representing our local scene amazingly, but rollerblading in general amazingly. Please show your support, just how Kevin has, and visit the Footage Tape website. “FootageTape is the first ever HD online rollerblading web series created by Kevin Dowling and Jamie Olmstead. This episode features skating from the likes of David Sizemore, Julian Bah, Michael Braud, Rob Guerrero, Tim Taylor, Adam Mcmanus, Montre Livingston, Billy Oneill, Adam Ehalt, Walt Austin, Jon Jon Bolino, Chris Smith, Cody Porche, Jon Ortiz and more” – Footage Tape.

Kevin Dowling 365 Clips in NYC Part 2

October 7, 2009

Kevin Dowling spent some time in NYC in September and sticking to his 365 clips project, where he plans on getting a clip everyday for one straight year, (he’s already over 100 clips!) Kevin caught some footage of himself skating our area. I Roll NY featured his earlier clips in NYC, check the previous New York City clips here, but I recently found more footage. Check out the rest of the clips after the jump.