Angelo Ferrer Brooklyn Session Today. New ledge discovered!

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AOR’s Angelo Ferrer discovered a new ledge spot in Brooklyn, NY recently and decided to share the wealth with everyone through I Roll NY. As you can see the spot is near perfect from the pictures. The floor and ledge look smooth and clean with enough run up on each side to do the entire ledge. Today’s session will take place after 4:00PM. (The ledge is not skateable earlier than 4:00PM. Do not come earlier than four!) Take the M train to Knickerbocker Avenue and walk/skate to Gates Avenue where you’ll arrive at a school yard. Angelo is also offering a free CD with the Art of Rolling issues 1-5 to whomever clears the entire 50 foot ledge first. Walking directions from the M train station to Gates avenue here via google maps

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7 Responses to “Angelo Ferrer Brooklyn Session Today. New ledge discovered!”

  1. kyle sola Says:

    until what time? is there light? im out of class at 8. its close to me.

  2. j.f Says:

    so anybody did it?

  3. art of rolling Says:

    only one person cleared the ledge ,

  4. Mike G Says:

    On regular days can you skate there before 4pm or is the park closed?

  5. irollny Says:

    do not come before 4pm on any weekday due to school being in session.

  6. ahhh Says:

    coool who cleared it and what trick?

  7. ahhh Says:

    you fuckerr!!!

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