Tribeca Takeover Official Results

The first competition of 2015 went down yesterday and we had a great turnout for the Tribeca Takeover. Thanks to all the sponsors Beyond The Ledge Wax, Blader Nation, SL Dean Studios, Empire Blade, Jalheads, Medellin Clothing, Kore, Pirate Life, Five Villains, Blader Gang, and Four New York. It was a great competition overall, but the last round was definitely the highlight of the day. Every blader in the finals got into their groove and laced some of the best tricks to go down at Pier 25 skatepark, making it extremely difficult for the judges to pick the top winners. See the results below.

First Place: Arsenio Patterson
Second Place: Augusto Castillo
Third Place: James Perez & Hector Rodriguez

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One Response to “Tribeca Takeover Official Results”

  1. Austin Says:

    Give that nigga James another fiddy bones cuz he so DAMMM HANDOME

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