Syracuse Roll ‘N’ Roast Saturday June 11th

The Syracuse area is welcoming every New York blader to their part of town with the first ever Roll ‘N’ Roast barbecue session. Come chill for a day in Central New York. There will be a session at the Inner Harbor, a product toss, a grill to fire up all the food you can carry, and a best trick competition. See more info on the event on the Facebook page. You can also take a look at the Inner Harbor skate spots below.

Date: Saturday June 11th 2011
Time: 12:00PM
Location: Syracuse Inner Harbor
More Info:

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7 Responses to “Syracuse Roll ‘N’ Roast Saturday June 11th”

  1. Adam Says:

    Sweet Craig, thanks a lot man!!!!

  2. roll®blade A Says:

    just checked out the directions and considering getting out of the Big Apple for the weekend. Adam any thoughts on what I’d do out there for a day and change?

  3. Adam Says:

    Well, I was explaining this to Craig for anyone trying to come chill from out of the city…my thoughts were that if people wanted to crash (and I plan on going out later that night…), rooms are pretty cheap- I mean, if you got like 3 or 4 guys to throw down on a room it wouldnt be more than like $15 bucks each to pitch in- I would def be more than willing to let people crash with me, but I honestly just don’t have the room. Game plan is kind of as follows, which I am open to suggestions so please anyone throw in ideas.
    Jam @ 12- till whenever, I will have some things bbq’n until everyone gets up here, and then I was thinking if anyone wanted to pick anything up in particular, there is a grocery store legit up the street and to the right- so we can make a run there.
    Possibly a session at the local indoor park (which is small but he’s doing a lot with nothing, I really think people wwould enjoy a short session there) or maybe a street session depending on how everyone felt.
    After all of this I was thinking that people may be staying up here, or just wanting to make a full day out of it, we could hit downtown to some of the bars and just hop around having fun
    Let me know what you guys think and post your thoughts, I am def open to any suggestions, and also, I can check local prices on rooms close by to give everyone a better idea as to what they would be looking at cost-wise
    either way, if you are planning on coming up from the city (which I know is a hassle to get out/into) don’t be “deterred” because of the driving- once you get out of the city the drive is really about 3 hrs max…

  4. Adam Says:

    PS: Anyone wanting to get in early to just get out and stretch and wake up or whatever, or if you just have any questions at all, hit me up on FB (Adam Setrella) or email me ( and I can give you my # and/or answer any questions…thanks!

  5. Adam Says:

    OK- so I was wondering if people maybe wanted to session the local indoor park when we are done at the harbor? Its a decent chill spot, and I figure we can hit the bars after that- let me know guys!

    Also, don’t be shy of weather- if we do get rained out we can hit the park (I talked with the owner I Im pretty sure he will hook us up with discounted entry as well) and then after that hit up the infamous Dinosaur BBQ (I figure it is the “roll n roast,” they have slamming food and serve alcohol- so no matter what happens we are going to have a blast- the spot has been swept so it should be mint on the 11th- Im going to wax tonight!

  6. Adam Says:

    BRING YOUR HELMETS JUST IN CASE! Jam is still on at the inner harbor, if we do get rained out (hit or miss about 50%) we have back up plans at the local indoor park- he is giving us $10 all day passes (he usually charges $7 for a 2 hour session) and plan on hitting the Dinosaur BBQ for banging food and, of course, drinks. All original posted plans still stand until 12:00 pm Saturday June 11th when I am standing at the harbor getting rained on, lol, hoep to see you there!

  7. Adam Says:

    Nathaniel W Hall- posted to Syracuse Roll N Roast 2011

    Dudes, if anyone needs in need of purchasing some skate parts, clothing or anything of that nature, post up here so we can bring some stuff for the shop for people Saturday. I will be checking in for the next couple days to see if people need stuff; you can also message me if you need. Thanks, see everyone Saturday!

    So, check out, check out what they have, and pot here or email me @ with your contact information and I will get you in touch with Nate

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