ONE Magazine Shop Check: Tri-State Skate

Greg, when did you first open Tri-State Skate?
794 days ago, or March 14th 2009.

What was your inspiration?
My biggest inspiration was to create something for kids that I didn’t have growing up. I wanted to start a shop where kids could come hang out, meet other bladers, meet (and skate) with some of the best bladers on the planet, learn about skating, and of course a place to check out all the new gear in person before they spend their money.

Explain for us people from closer to The Four Corners or across the globe the significance of the phrase and location of the Tri-State? In other words, what the hell is the Tri-State?
It stands for the Tri-State area (NY, NJ, CT). And state rhymes with skate, so boom, Tri-State Skate!

Who are the most active skaters in your area in your opinion?
Well, my biased answer would have to be the shop riders: Franco Cammayo, Sean Agoliati, Dan Fabiano, Tim Franken, Bobby Reichel, Ryan Many, and Crazy Pat (Bernat). Theses dudes are incredible. Anytime I need clips for an edit, photos, or ANYTHING else they always come through 200%. Not only are these dudes constantly skating, but when they are out skating they are busy having fun (#1), talking to kids, promoting the shop and their sponsors, and just straight up making blading look amazing to outside eyes. Besides those guys, James Perez is one of the first names to pop in my head. Kid’s amazing, plain and simple. Damn, thinking about it there are just so many talented kids out here it would take a long time to list them all! Read the full interview here.


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One Response to “ONE Magazine Shop Check: Tri-State Skate”

  1. brazillionaire Says:

    I was gonna say something snarky, but James Perez is really really good and I am glad Tristate can recognize that.

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