Lower East Skate Rollerblade

If you truly want to know and see what goes on in New York City then this is the edit for you. Check out the younger generation of NYC blading featuring Jordan Baez, Moses Rivera, Chris, Gary, Jake, and Lil Jason all from the Lower East Side of Manhattan, NY.

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11 Responses to “Lower East Skate Rollerblade”

  1. mal Says:

    best edit I’ve seen this summer soo far great job jordan

  2. Advice Says:

    To the kid in the white shirt: Next time punch that mofo in the balls so hard that he’ll never do that scissor leg shit again šŸ™‚

  3. dac24 Says:

    the hitting the rail was such a lieee it was 2 parts

  4. jordanbaez Says:

    @mal thanks
    @dac24 we know it was bs lol

  5. Garry aka Gary lolz Says:

    thanx 4 the quick clips Jordan. i juss hope we can put out sum more and make it even better than this 1. great edit bro

  6. tholen Says:

    give me a dolla motherfucker

  7. rollĀ®BladeA Says:

    sweet edit mahh fucgers but whats with the Florida connection? I didnt get it

  8. jordanbaez Says:

    thats where the drugs come from for the crack head gimme a dolla ! gimme more!

  9. jesus medina Says:

    i like this

  10. Yo Says:

    wheres the curve ledge in manhattan

  11. LilRey Says:

    Yo This Shyt Is Mah Funny Lil Jason Should Fukked Chris Uhp^

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