Grant Hazelton A Chosen Few Challenge Entry

A Chosen Few held their first online contest where a skater had to do ten different tricks in one line on a mini ramp, bowl or something similar and Grant Hazelton from Rochester, NY entered and won fourth place in the contest. Congrats to Grant and check out his entry up top. “Grant’s entry had the best start and finish. He launched into his first grind and finished great….awesome entry and very nice full savy with a nice ninja whip to it” – Quinn Feldman.

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6 Responses to “Grant Hazelton A Chosen Few Challenge Entry”

  1. ChrisK Says:

    Grant is the man!

  2. good lokkking new york Says:

    heput his hand down like he fell not a winner in new york we dicide holla

  3. Tri-State Skate Says:

    grant hizzle smooth as brizzle

  4. BOVIS Says:

    that line was soo good that it made me want to choke 3 fat bitches and tell them to lose weight!


  5. Robert Says:

    Than you for the info.

  6. Christopher Marshall Says:

    When did this happen?

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