Psyko Clothing Spring/Summer 2010 Look Book + LRNY Sale

Psyko Clothing has been racking up a sick team including Damian Wilson and Franky Morales and now a sick design team including Jeremy Beightol (Kaspa Clothing) and Robert Lievanos the man who’s responsible for pretty much any good design in rollerblading. “Psyko has been through a lot of changes over the past year. It feels like we have finally found our own style and aesthetic. We’ve always been a dark, aggressive graphic company. But now we happen to have the great talents of Jeremy Beightol. He is a great, and really talented artist, and the coolest dude on the planet! Combine that with Robert Lievanos, and myself, and the brand has become a force to be reckoned with. A lot of effort and thought goes into the graphics at psyko. All our graphics are hand drawn, then vectored, we do not use any clip art. We do use inspiration. Join or die” – Josh Diaz. See the full Psyko Spring/Summer ’10 look book here.

Josh Diaz of Psyko Clothing will also be at tomorrow’s Lets Roll NY session selling the “We eat your young” Psyko tee on sale for $13. Support NYC based companies and get yourself a tee!


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