Tom Lipani Photo Updates and Past Sections

BS royale through the kink (click to enlarge)

One of Queens, NY’s finest Tom Lipani sent some photos to I Roll NY from his current residence in Florida. Tom has been a major contributor to the NYC scene creating east coast based videos such as Distinction and his latest project, An Elite Few. “Whats up keds it’s Tom LiPani. I know you haven’t heard from me in a while just been working a lot and trying to skate as much as possible. I was in NYC for the 4th of July and did a lot of chillen/skating/filming. As for the Florida scene its hard to skate out here because I only have a few peeps to roll with such as Wade Haas, one of the stars of my latest film “An Elite Few” and Chad Petroski, a new cat in the scene learning the ways of the roll. There aren’t too many spots out here but the spots that we do have are pretty fucking sick. Here are a few pics of me doing the damn thang. I’m working on getting my ass back to NYC asap. Expect an online profile from me soon!” Tom Lipani. Check out Tom’s pics and previous sections after the jump.

180 from bank

Negative fish

Enjoying the Florida scene.

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