Underestimated Now Available for the iPhone and iPod Touch

“Underestimated is truly one of the best East Coast videos and team videos of all time. It was great for it’s time and even great to watch now. It’s still one of the few videos that I can constantly watch over and over again and still get hyped to go and skate.” Now that Denial’s Underestimated is available for mobile download you can now watch your favorite past and present skaters wherever you are. Download each section seperately in .m4v format here for iPhone and iPod Touch. Don’t have an iPhone? Check the full video online here. Thanks to Chris Majette for the upload.

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3 Responses to “Underestimated Now Available for the iPhone and iPod Touch”

  1. rh! Says:

    if i want know about the songs of videos…. where could i see that?

  2. irollny Says:


  3. rh! Says:


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