Syracuse Picture Post

Cory Jackson – Mute grab ledge gap

Stepping out of our local five boroughs and venturing into what us city kids would refer to as the outskirts of NY, I’m glad to present this photo set coming out of Syracuse, New York. It’s always fun to see what’s going on in New York outside of our normal everyday scene. These photos feature spots all over the Syracuse area that I’m sure you’ll be dying to skate in the future. Skaters include, Cory Jackson, Jeremy Gates, Adam Satrella, and Nate Hannon. “I used to live in Syracuse and these guys were my crew. I moved to Rochester, NY and haven’t skated with these guys in a while. so we wanted to have a big session all together again. Everson Museum, which is the picture with the water fountain the background, finally became uncapped after 5 years. We knew we had to skate there again…” – Jeremy Gates. Check the rest of the pictures after the jump.

Jeremy Gates – BS farf

Nate Hannon – Royale to AO Acid

Cory Jackson – BS Unity to gap

Adama Satrella – BS Backslide

Cory Jackson – Disaster Fish

Nate Hannon – Tru Miszou

Jeremy Gates – BS Torque to gap

Adam Satrella – Royale up the kink

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