Elias Hadzovic Summer Edit

“This is an edit of 9 year old Elias Hadzovic who has been skating for 7 months and hes skating at a few nyc skate parks. It was filmed through out the summer and is filled with many things he just learned. It was filmed and edited by Harison Hadzovic” – Harison Hadzovic.

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11 Responses to “Elias Hadzovic Summer Edit”

  1. davengo Says:

    Honestly, that was ridiculous.

    This kid is already doing lines linking up tricks together. That is a mentality most New York City kids don’t have. This was such a nice thing to see.

    I’m all about this kid I just hope he’s taking all of his necessary vitamins!!!

  2. rafael herrera Says:

    this is what i like to see we need more good job lil man

  3. timR Says:

    great edit, very entertained, very impressed…wow

  4. Alex Says:

    Very Impressed this kis a beast

  5. mal Says:

    my fav edit this summer kid got mad ambition

  6. joey rojas Says:

    so dope.
    hes already better than i

  7. joey rojas Says:


  8. Elias Hadzovic Says:

    thank you.Should i make another edit?

  9. JLyn Ortiz Says:

    That is the next Jose Henriquez right there. Best edit of 2010!

  10. daymian Says:

    thats my cuzon u shood have a another edit

  11. Elias Hadzovic Says:

    seeing this 9 years later is crazy im bouta strap on the skates again

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