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SPOTTED: Brian Aragon WRS “Uploaded” Entry

December 6, 2011

Filmer(s): Phillip Long, Dre Powell, Max Manning, Erick Rodriguez. Editor: Phillip Long.

Dave Lang WRS “Uploaded” Entry

December 5, 2011

Filmer(s): Skyler Sorensen. Editor: Skyler Sorensen.

Dominik Wagner WRS “Uploaded” Entry

December 5, 2011

Filmer(s): Mike V, Nigel Hosang, Dave Irvine, Shawn Engler. Editor: Dominik Wagner.

WRS 2010 Weekend

November 10, 2011

Featuring Jordan Baez, Joey Rojas, and Drew Humphrey.

NYC Street Invitational Promo

July 7, 2011

You heard the rumors of the NYC contest that will give out $10,000. Now check out the trailer for the New York City Street Invitational contest featuring a ton of pro skaters that are scheduled to show up.

NYC A Chosen-Few Competition Results

June 5, 2011

Photo: David Toro

Yesterday’s A Chosen-Few competition was a success despite the kick outs, rain, and spot re-locations. New York City banned together and created a truly genuine street competition that was reminiscent of the IMYTA glory days. Skaters from all over NYC gathered together and took over Battery Park and Staten Island. Just picture 100+ rollerbladers on the Staten Island Ferry while people just look in wonder. Not only did we make our presence known but we also showed the caliber of talent that NYC has to offer. Thank you to everyone who attended and participated in the competition. Photos and edits from the competition will be up soon. The top ten winners from the NYC Presents A Chosen-Few Competition are all listed below. Congratulations to Chris Murphy and Jose Henriquez for winning and both are now automatically entered to compete in the A Chosen-Few Competition finals in LA. Congratulations to all top 10 winners who will receive both WRS and ACF points.

First: Chris Murphy
Second: Jose Henriquez
Third: Danny Figgz
Fourth: John Stephens
Fifth: James Perez
Sixth: Evan Grimball
Seventh: Jordan Baez
Eight: Chauncey Jenkins
Ninth: Dylan Hopp
Tenth: Malik Ashby

You Are The Future

May 25, 2010

Daniel Kinney posted a new edit featuring David Sizemore rocking the I Roll NY tee. Thanks to David for constantly representing. “Every sport has its legends. Its heroes. Its champions. Those that take the sport to new heights. They allow others to believe that they are capable of so much more. These heroes, no matter how great. Always stand atop the shoulders of those that they inspire. Without a future. The champions of today are nothing. Without this future this sport is nothing. You are the legacy of these heroes. You are the future. Go. Go and do nothing short of what those have done before you” – Daniel Kinney.

World Rolling Series Promo

February 4, 2010

Check the trailer/edit/recap of the WRS ’09. This edit premiered a few months ago but then was taking down and now has been uploaded with additional footage including our Last Man Standing competition in NYC. “The World Rolling Series (WRS) has been created to unite the freestyle inline skate community by teaming with established Professional and Amateur events/organizations worldwide, creating a ranking system that will set a defining line between the individual levels of talent within the sport, developing a structured series of professional events, maintaining the integrity of the culture, and focusing on promotion and increased participation. The WRS ensures a higher standard and emphasis on the talent and promotion of the sport while increasing the sports size, strength, and recognition everywhere” – WRS.

Last Man Standing Official Trailer

December 8, 2009

“The Collaborative Compilation of the Last Man Standing Comp which took place at the Brooklyn Banks on Sept 5, 2009… brought to you by Victor Callender + Ray Mendez + Dave Toro + Christen Cofer + Adonis Taylor + Tato Gonzalez + I Roll NY.

Features coverage on the LMS Comps | Winner Profiles | WRS Am Qualifiers | Young New York | Behind the Scene | Industry Interviews | NY Skate Scene and much more bonus material… OFFICIAL RELEASE TO BE ANNOUNCED.

*This is NOT just a competition, this is New York Skate. Watch these wheels in motion!” – Evotek Media.

Last Man Standing 2009 By: Sean Ashby

September 18, 2009

Sean Ashby creates another quality edit, this time covering the fourth Last Man Standing competition. Sean’s edit has a lot of coverage and gets straight to the point of showcasing the hammers from every pro skater and our local talented skaters. Sean also has also provides some clips from the final round which take place late into the night.