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Spring Break Pier 25 Competition Highlights

April 10, 2011

Franco Cammayo – Crossgrab backslide

Yesterday’s Pier 25 competition was a great turnout. A lot of skaters came out to watch the one on one battles and session the park including special guest Dominik Wagner who came out to experience the NYC skate scene. Check out all the photos below from the highlights of the one on one battles. Photos include James Perez vs Trent Olans, Carlos Montenegro vs Hector Rodriguez, Will Torres vs Chris Kolodziej, as well as photos of the after session.

Flip The Script Forever Rolling Park Mixtape

November 6, 2010

“Having fun at Shields and Drop in: Featuring Ramelle Knight, John Stephens, Ariel Surun, Carly Sanchez, Bobby Riechel, Shawn G, Ears Saunders, Peter Ortiz, Merchi Hernandez, Franco Cammayo, Chad Caroselli, Will torres, and last but not least Dominick Blanchard..Hope you Enjoy” – FTS.

New York Trip 2010

October 28, 2010

Filmed in August. Featuring Jonas Bodtker, Olav Norheim, Sam Williams, Alex Nunez, Chris DeJesus, Will Torres, Evan Grimball, Trevor Johnson, and more.

Forever Rolling Session 1: The Big Picture

July 19, 2010

Flip The Script comes through with another edit featuring Ramelle Knight, Hector Martinez, Carly Sanchez, Ralphy Herrera, March Hernanez, Will Torres, Evan G, Alex Nunez, Steve Cortez, Modesto Tito, Shardy Nieves, and Peter Ortiz. Spots include the Maloof skate plaza in Queens, NY and the River Avenue skate plaza in the Bronx, NY.

I Roll NY Clip of the Week #26

June 9, 2010

This week’s C.O.W. is brought to you by from last weekend’s Lets Roll NY session featuring a lot of talented NYC and NJ bladers. “The rushed project for this weeks C.O.W for IRollNY took place during a Lets Roll NY Session yesterday at pier 62. Thanks to all that showed up and the talents of Rafael Herrera,Tim Franken,Ramelle Knight,Will Torres and Hector Rodriguez that got some great clips and threw down for this weeks edit. We are heavily promoting our upcoming video ”Fitted” That will feature sections on Rafael Herrera,Tim Franken,Ramelle Knight,Trevor Johnson and Dan Bruer. Thanks to Craig from IROLLNY for helping us show NY what were made of and also thank you for being the leading source of NY FreeRolling. It dont get any better than this” – Joe Perez.

iMagyne That Extra Credit DVD Part 5

January 11, 2010

Part 5 of the iMagyne video has been released. This section is a montage featuring NYC and NJ talented skaters along with a few other East Coast skaters. “FreeRollers Section is dedicated to any or all rollers that have helped us film for our video thus far. This section includes Taylor Greene,Alex Nunez,John Green,Joaquin Flecher,Will Torres, Trevor Johnson and many more check this out” – Joseph Perez.

Spring ’09 Edit By: Skeptic Media

August 24, 2009

As usual Navin Hardyal and the Skeptic Media crew create another great edit from our city featuring the Skeptic team and local skaters shredding the Throgs Neck Skatepark in the Bronx, NY and other spots around the NYC area. The edit features Kevin Cintron, Joaquin Fletcher, Damian Michalski, Yannes Sootes, Will Torres, Edgar Rivera, Austin Croteau, Greg Sturino, Andy Grant, Ricky Ramos, Nelso Mercado, and Jose Henriquez. Filmed and edited by Navin Hardyal this edit definitely displays the talent that the Skeptic Media team and NYC skaters have.


Imagyne Edit by: Joseph Perez

July 18, 2009

This edit features a ton of skaters and a ton of spots all over NYC and outside the New York area. The “Dirty Lens” edit is the last online edit that will be featured from Imagyne before the release of their trailer for their video, Extra Credit. Skaters include Sean Grossman, Lonnie Pearson, Jeremy Lopez, Craig Nogler, Andy Feliciano, Jose Henriquez, Tim Franken, Hector Rodriguez, Danny Dagz, Dylan Hopp, Rafael Herrera, Taylor Greene, Terrance Huggins, Denys Hollis, Taylor Greene, Will Torres, Steve Muszynski, and Pat Irwin. Unfortunately this edit also includes a bad fall from Sean Grossman. I hope you’re doing well Sean and heal fast. Filmed and edited by Joseph Perez.