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New York City VG18 BMC3

March 18, 2011

Section from Video Groove 18: Battle My Crew 3. Featuring Sam Grimm, Mike Johnson, Dustin Halleran, Boschi Pope, Steve Cortez, Joey Hinds, Billy O’Neill, and Pedro Jimenez. Edited By Angel Bajana.

SOB NYC Section VG18 BMC 3 2001

March 12, 2011

Check out the throwback video section from the Videogroove series featuring the Queens, NY based crew SOB. Starring Alex Nunez, Brandon Gutierrez (R.I.P.),Thomas LiPani, Sam Grimm, Steve Cortez, Justin Brasco, Pedro Jimenez, and Omar Morsy.

Pier 25 session at 1:00PM today!

Videogroove 22 Coast to Coast Full Video

April 29, 2010

Filled with tons of NYC footage of some of your favorite local and pro skaters. Check out VG 22: Coast to Coast. “At a time of change and influence, VG22 comes with another classic. There was over a year and a half of filming and traveling that went into the making of a very special issue entitled VG22, Coast to Coast. VG22 features some of the best skating recently captured. The featured profiles include: Ben Weis (MN), Brian Aragon (CO) , Cameron Card (UT), and JC Rowe (MI). The Skate Stop this issue is a visit out to the outlaw life at JB’s house in Arizona , where there is plenty of partying and amazing spots. This is also Dave Paine’s last issue as full time editor, so enjoy a Director’s last wack at all the favorite sections that made VG so infamous. There is plenty of B Role and Bonus sections in the DVD menu, so enjoy over 100 minutes of hotness” – Dave Paine. Bonus sections here and here.

Videogroove 19 East Coast Volume 2 Full Video

April 27, 2010

The Videgroove series, or simply VG series, were the most popular videos of its time. Having more than one VG VHS tape/DVD in your collection was pretty much standard and makes you awesome in my book. For the new comers, VG’s are a definite must see. It lets you know where your favorite pro’s came from and how they started out. VG19 East Coast Volume 2 showcases the Atlanta, Minneapolis, Philadelphia and of course New York City scene. The full video was recently put online in 2 parts so check it out above.