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Summer Montage feat Abdiel Coldberg, Ryan Jacklone & Many More

August 11, 2011

Check out the latest from Cesar Macay and Ryan Many. Featuring skating from Val Vera, Steve Cortez, Hector Gonzalez, Danny Figgz, Ramelle Knight, John Stephens, Christian Delfino, Kyle Sola, Ryan Jacklone, and Abdiel Coldberg.

NYC Edit Featuring Dominik Wagner and Many More

May 18, 2011

Featuring Alex Ryerson, Anddy Feliciano, James Perez, Ryan Many, Tim Franken, Hector Gonzalez, Val Vera, Cesar Macay, Ruben Lopez, Steven Perez, Henry Pulido, Julian Duque, James Macay, and Dominik Wagner.

Val Vera Winter2010/Spring 2011 Edit

May 3, 2011

Clips from over the winter and spring. Filmed and Edited by Cesar Macay. Additional Cameras: Ryan Many. Cameras used 2 Canon T2i’s.

“Anything” Online NYC Video Trailer

March 13, 2011

Trailer for the NYC based video Anything. Featuring John Estrella, Jash Ruiz, Val Vera, and more. “An online rollerblade video I’m working on featuring New York & Tri-State skaters. This movie isn’t about skating hammers. It’s just to show how chill the NY scene is” – Jason Rivera.

Shields Winter Edit

January 21, 2011

Featuring Ryan Many, Malik Ashby, Kevin Lebron, Val Vera, Wake Schepman, James Szkola, Franco Cammayo, James Macay, John Stephens, Jose Henriquez, Mikey Roman, and Ramelle Knight. Filmed and edited by Cesar Macay.

Drop-In Session Edit

December 21, 2010

Featuring Val Vera, Alex Ryerson, and Johnny Ramirez. Filmed and edited by Cesar Macay.

NYC September 2010 Edit

October 20, 2010

Featuring Carlos Montenegro, Jordan Baez, Jash Ruiz, Chris Santiago, Malik Ashby, Ruben Lopez, Val Vera and Shawn Reynolds.

Val Vera October 2010 Edit

October 18, 2010

Featuring Val Vera from Queens, NY. Filmed by Cesar Macay and Ryan Many. Edited by Cesar Macay.

New York Fall Edit

October 4, 2010

Check out the first edit of the Fall season in NYC featuring Jeremy Colon, Ludovic Bruggeman, Billy Gonzalez, John Estrella, Jash Ruiz, Alex Ryerson, Val Vera, and James Macay. Filmed and edited by Jordan Baez.

Val Vera Edit

August 8, 2010

Check the latest edit of Val Vera created by Cesar Macay. Unfortunately Val suffered from an ankle injury while filming so the edit isn’t completely done but check out all the tricks Val laced before his injury. Filmed and edited by Cesar Macay. Hope you heal up quick Val.