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Support Rollerblading on Twitter!

April 14, 2010

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For all you tweeple out there check out the rollerblading twibbon that I Roll NY created. A twibbon is a great way to support any cause that you’d like to be apart of so now you have a chance to proudly display your love for rollerblading. Add the rollerblading twibbon to your twitter profile here. Daniel Kinney, Brian Krans, Tri-State Skate and many more people have joined already. Support rollerblading through the I Roll NY twibbon. Whether you’re from New York or outside of the U.S. show the twitter world your love for rollerblading.

Live Mobile Updates From Today’s LRNY Session

August 26, 2009

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I’ll be making my way out to Staten Island for today’s LRNY session along with every other rollerblader in NYC. I’ll also be taking photos from my cell phone and doing direct uploads to the I Roll NY twitter page for those that can’t make it out and want to see today’s events. So check out the twitter page later on today to get a sneak peak of the tricks, clips and the massive amount of skaters that will be in attendance today before the official photos are posted up. If you make it to today’s session don’t be shy when you see me with my phone out 😉

Lets Roll NY Session 6 Live Twitter Updates

August 19, 2009

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I made the way to Brooklyn after work today for the weekly LRNY session. Before leaving I decided to try out Twitter’s mobile upload feature and decided that I would attempt to do live updates from the session via my cell phone. Luckily the uploads worked and I was able to post some photos from today’s session. I was only able to capture pics from the first two spots due to third spot being a fairly long walk away. Check the mobile photos on the I Roll NY twitter to see what you missed out on. More photos from today’s session will be up soon. The fifth session pics will be up as well.