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Sean Agoliati Pier 25 Edit

October 24, 2011

This is a come back edit for Remz flow and Tri-State Skate rider Sean Agoliati who injured the ligaments in his knee in June 2011, preventing him from skating all summer.  Sean is back on the old horse as of September.  This edit features Sean skating Pier 25 skate park in Tribeca, Manhattan.  Enjoy! “Sean recently injured his knee super duper bad, had surgery and it probably hurt a lot. But he came back with this edit. Pow” – TSS.

Ryan Many Tri-State Skate Edit

October 20, 2011

Featuring Ryan Many for Tri-State Skate.

Crazy Pat Tri-State Skate Edit

October 13, 2011

“This is Crazy Pat. He rides for Tri-State Skate. He is sponsored by Shima Skate Manufacturer and Ground Control. These are leftover clips from his upcoming section…Stay tuned!” – Sam DeAngelis.

Franco Cammayo Tri-State Skate Clips

October 8, 2011

Featuring Tri-State Skate rider Franco Cammayo.

Mastic Skatepark Tri-State Skate Session Edit

August 17, 2011

August 11,2011 filmed at Mastic Skatepark in Long Island, NY.Event sponsored by Tri State Skate. Filmed and edited by Michael Horbatiuk. These clips were all within a little over a hours worth a film due to rain and the enforcement of tube sock elbow pads. Skaters include Mike Interante, Bobby Reichel, Mike Horbatiuk, Bobby Sullivan, Angelo Ferrer,Alex Karayannis and more. 2011 EZ Media” – Michael Horbatiuk.

Mastic Skate Plaza Event Sunday August 7th

July 31, 2011

“Sunday August 7th Tri-State Skate will be holding an event at the newly built, 11,600 sq. ft. skate plaza at Mastic Beach in Brookhaven, NY from 2pm-?. Check out the Facebook event page for more details . Call or email TSS @ 201-739-5442 / with any questions. HELMETS MANDATORY” – TSS.

Greg Kieffer Drop-In Skatepark Clips

July 14, 2011

Check out the owner of Tri-State Skate, Greg Kieffer, skating Drop-In skatepark. Filmed and edited by Chris Kolodziej.

Crazy Pat SSM Montre Promo

July 5, 2011

“Filmed in 1 night after closing at Drop-In Skate park(downstairs from TSS). Just a little something for people to watch while he films for his official SSM edit” – Tri-State Skate.

ONE Magazine Shop Check: Tri-State Skate

May 23, 2011

Greg, when did you first open Tri-State Skate?
794 days ago, or March 14th 2009.

What was your inspiration?
My biggest inspiration was to create something for kids that I didn’t have growing up. I wanted to start a shop where kids could come hang out, meet other bladers, meet (and skate) with some of the best bladers on the planet, learn about skating, and of course a place to check out all the new gear in person before they spend their money.

Explain for us people from closer to The Four Corners or across the globe the significance of the phrase and location of the Tri-State? In other words, what the hell is the Tri-State?
It stands for the Tri-State area (NY, NJ, CT). And state rhymes with skate, so boom, Tri-State Skate!

Who are the most active skaters in your area in your opinion?
Well, my biased answer would have to be the shop riders: Franco Cammayo, Sean Agoliati, Dan Fabiano, Tim Franken, Bobby Reichel, Ryan Many, and Crazy Pat (Bernat). Theses dudes are incredible. Anytime I need clips for an edit, photos, or ANYTHING else they always come through 200%. Not only are these dudes constantly skating, but when they are out skating they are busy having fun (#1), talking to kids, promoting the shop and their sponsors, and just straight up making blading look amazing to outside eyes. Besides those guys, James Perez is one of the first names to pop in my head. Kid’s amazing, plain and simple. Damn, thinking about it there are just so many talented kids out here it would take a long time to list them all! Read the full interview here.


M1 JBah Wheel Review by Bobby Reichel

April 13, 2011

TSS shop rider Bobby Reichel reviewing the new M1 Julian Bah wheels. Available at Free shipping on all orders over $30.