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One For The Road

March 21, 2017


One For The Road is an amateur rollerblading video filmed by Mike Torres, Nate Moore, and Augusto Castillo. Starring Justin Brasco, Augusto Castillo, Mike Torres and Grant Hazelton. Premiering in Brooklyn, NY on 4/1, FreeOD available shortly after on Sellfy. “One For The Road was shot in the streets of NYC, Rochester NY, and Barcelona, by Nate Moore, Augusto Castillo, Tim Adams, Austin Paz, and myself” – Mike Torres.

The Second Annual NYC Street Invitational

September 24, 2012

Providing full coverage from the very beginning of the first heat of the first round, to the very end of the finals. I Roll NY presents, the second annual NYC Street Invitational.

Youtube / Mobile version after the jump. (more…)

Roc City Skates 30 Second Promo – Tim Adams

January 12, 2012

SPOTTED: USD 2012 New Years Edit

January 1, 2012

Thanks to Jeff Dalnas for wearing his NY Rollers snap back. Featuring New York’s Tim Adams and Justin Brasco along with other USD team riders. “This edit was put together in record time with the help of contributed footage from USD riders all around the world as a gift to the heads that have supported USD from 97’ till Infinity. Happy New Years from USD. It’s a celebration bitches” – The Conference.

Four Clips with Tim Adams

November 5, 2011

Shot and cut by Nate Hall. Filmed on 11/3/11 at Rochester Action Sports Park.

Before It’s Too Late – Tim Adams

July 13, 2011

“The past two years have been filled with blading, old friends, new friends, booze, babes, stoops, limousines, cacti, new cities, raging, nogrinding, airplanes, and filming. In these two years we’ve compiled quite a bit of footage. Some of it has been seen, most of it has not. So it’s about time we make an ongoing video series to get that footage out there, you know… Before It’s Too Late” – Mike Torres.

ONE Video Rochester, NY – Submissions

April 24, 2011

“Here is an edit I put together in January of 2009. All of this footage was filmed for the ONE Magazine blade video which was produced and directed by Conner O’Brien, and released in December, 2008. The edit was only made for the eyes of my friends in the WNY scene, so they could see the clips we filmed in an edit since not all of them made it into the ONE Video. The edit was then released as a last minute bonus feature on “The Best of” DVD which was released and distributed at the 2009 Bitter Cold Showdown in Royal Oak, MI” – Mike Torres. Featuring Steve Bruning, Dan Barnes, Tim Adams, Grant Hazelton, Chris Walker, and Mike Torres.

Rochester TNS Park Edit

February 8, 2011

Featuring Josh Marlinksi, Nate Hall, Brandon Cripps, Tim Adams, Stefan Brandow, Nate Born, Chris Parwulski, Grant Hazelton, and Mike Torres. “R.A.S.P (Rochester Action Sports Park) holds Thursday night rollerblading only sessions, and every week there’s 30-40 WNY bladers skating their asses off. We are constantly seeing new faces come to the park, and old faces back on blades again. The Rochester scene is thriving and every week everyone at the session kills it. This is just a small sample of whats been going down the past few months” – Stefan Brandow.

Tim Adams “Tricks” Profile

January 31, 2011

The Tim Adams section from the DVD “Tricks” Produced by Dave Poe. Circa ’06-’07. Check out Dan Barnes “Tricks” section previously posted.

Nick DeMarchi ONE Photo Journal #5

January 5, 2011

“This photo is from a little while back when I was in Rochester, NY, blading for the day. Everybody was skating this bank to dumpster in somewhat of the same way, launching from the bank and grinding or stalling the flat part. Tim had something different in mind and wanted to grind up the dumpster. We shot this a few times, and after a few different shots we came up with this launch to backslide. The lighting setup was pretty basic: two flashes on top of the bank, one right at Tim’s back and another on the other side of the dumpster about 6-7 feet high to light his face, but also high enough that light would spill into the dumpster without leaving a super harsh shadow. With just those two flashes lighting Tim, the front of the dumpster and bank were a little more underexposed than I’d like, especialy considering that I’m already underexposing the sky a few stops to retain detail in the clouds. So I kicked in a litttle fill on the front of the scene from an on-camera flash. Tim and I were both pretty happy with the result as we were trying to showcase his yellow blades, and I think this worked out perfectly with the blue dumpster and dreary skyline” – Nick DeMarchi.