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Way Too Much Love East Coast Tour in NYC Day 2

September 24, 2009

John Bolino – Switch 360

The Way Too Much Love East Coast Tour is continuing in our city and everyone is scrambling around to meet up with the visiting skaters and catch a glimpse of how they approach our everyday skate spots. Luckily, Be-Mag and Michael Garlinghouse have been documentating the tour’s stay in New York City giving us daily updates. “After getting our gear together at Fish and Jero’s we cruised to the subway to get our shred on. We met up with Tien at the Manhatten Bridge skatepark and then took care of some unfinished business at the Courthouse and plaza across the street. After grabbin’ our deals we hit an Asian food street vender spot and got $1.25 huge servings of fried noodles and $1 fried tofu pieces. I snagged a piece on the way to Brooklyn Banks where we finished our shred day. I cruised fakie into a mountain biker kid got a little thrashed, not dope. As it got dark we cruised back to Fish and Jero’s for the night” – Michael Garlinghouse. View all the pictures and get all the info at Be-Mag’s Be-Log.


Way Too Much Love East Coast Tour in NYC

September 22, 2009

Chris Farmer – 180 over the rail

Chris Farmer, Michael Garlinghouse, Tien Nguyen, John Bolino and others are visiting our city this week filming for the Way Too Much Love tour. Our newest resident, Jero, met up with the crew and has updated the Be-Mag log with photos from the session. Check out all the photos at the Be-Mag website. “So we drove to New York this morning, met up with Jero and Fish at their pad. We took the subway and shredded 4 sweet spots on about 2 blocks and had a blast. Franco, Tien, and a bunch of locals met up and hung out with us. Including a little super shredder. We got some real nice footage and had a blast. We ended the day with $1 pizza and $1 falafel. NYC is dope and the next few days are going to be sweet! stay tuned…” – WTML.


NYC’s Austin Paz and Franco Cammayo at MTL Classic

August 30, 2009

Valo Brand/Them Goods posted up their footage of the MTL Classic contest that went down in Canada a few days ago. The edits include sick footage of Franco Cammayo and Austin Paz along with the rest of the Valo team members Eric Bailey, Alex Broskow, Victor Arias, Brandon Smith, Tien Nguyen. Check the warm up edit and finals edit up top.