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Made In Poland Premiere Today

March 26, 2009

      preview of Made In Poland

Today is the New York Film Festival premiere of the rollerblading documentary, Made In Poland, by Witalis Szumilo Kulczycki. Check out more information on the theater location, the festival, ticket price, time, and information on Made In Poland on our previous post here. Today being a cloudy rainy day why not go and catch a flick? The festival also provides other short films along with Made in Poland all for the price of one movie ticket so it’s definitely worth the 12 bucks.

Original Made In Poland post here:

New Rollerblading Documentary Released in Theaters March 26th Only in New York City

March 18, 2009

      preview of Made In Poland

Following the lead of B.Unique’s, Know Difference, the new documentary, Made In Poland, by Witalis Szumilo Kulczycki exposes the outside world to rollerblading at it’s finest. Made In Poland focuses on not only some of the best tricks and hardest falls you’ve ever seen but the personal lifestyles and ups and downs of each skater in the film. Made In Poland has already won 4 awards for editing, cinematography, and for covering the topic of rollerblading. The New York Film Festival writes, “Made in Poland unveils the truth about rollerblading and its devoted performers. The documentary proves the sport to be a passion for the performers despite its dangerous character. The film is enriched with acrobatic stunts and falls.” The film is unlike any other skate video and truly shows the artistry of what we do. The creator of the film, Witalis Szumilo Kulczycki, has been rollerblading since 1996 and has spent hundreds of dollars creating the film, submitting the film and transferring the film overseas for our viewing pleasure.

Purchase your tickets here: (Click on Film Schedule/Tickets, then click on Thursday March 26th, then click the On Sale icon.)

Direct link to ticket purchase here:

Information on theater location and film festival here:

Please show your support and purchase your ticket to view this amazing documentary. Spread the word around and show everyone you know what you love doing on a huge movie screen. This is our one chance to show the world what we love to do.