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iMagyne That Extra Credit DVD Part 3

January 9, 2010

Check out the latest release from iMagyne from their DVD Extra Credit. “Now This is our Team Section at the Time. This includes Lonnie Pearson, Ryan Many, Tim Franken, Sean Grossman, Shawn Gradilone, John Greene, Terrance Huggins Jr, Julian Flanders, John Webb, Ryan Smith, Joey Zitelli, and Pat irwin. Check This one out” – Joseph Perez.

iMagyne Remix Edit

December 5, 2009

“iM Back. Whats up Joe Perez Here, Bringing you NYC and NJ Skating Together again. Its been a few months due to busyness but I decided to film for 3 days and got a entire edit together so I hope you enjoy. This Edit Features Lonnie Pearson, Pat Irwin, James Mandato,Trevor Johnson, Ryan Many, Ryan Smith and Terrance Huggins Jr. Enjoy Rollers and Remember to Roll With Your iMagynation” – Joseph Perez.