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A Day In The Concrete Jungle

September 27, 2017

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 9.58.49 PM

Check out the latest from James Perez skating in Harlem, NY. Filmed by Steven Perez. “Met up with my older brother in Harlem on 9/23/17. We skated for a couple of hours throughout the city. Balancing school and skating has been a true blessing. While i was doing homework i decided to take a break and put together the footage that was captured. My brother is not Adam Johnson or Ivan Narez, in other words he is not the best at filming. However i’m not the best skater, or claim to be, both of us were just having fun. Having said that, i put this together out of love for the sport, and i’m not the best at editing videos. I will forever represent our city , New York City. This is my home, and i’ll try to represent it the best way i can. Ill like to truly thank VALO and Jon Julio for supporting my blading throughout the years. It’s an honor.
Hope you guys enjoy!! Much love” – James Perez.


Blade Whatever: James Perez

August 19, 2017

Screen Shot 2017-08-19 at 11.07.07 AM

Check out the latest edit from James Perez. Filmed by Steven Perez. “My brother and I went skating around our neighborhood in Brooklyn, and we managed to catch a few clips. I decided to throw a little something together. It’s all love and for fun. Enjoy.” – James Perez.

Be-Mag X I Roll NY: 1 Minute 1 Spot with James Perez

March 28, 2013

“When James told me that he was selected to be apart of Be-Mag’s One Minute One Spot series, I knew we had to pick a place that had a lot to offer. We decided to go to John Dewey High School, home of the New York City IMYTA competitions. Dewey is a forgotten staple in the NYC scene due to it’s far away location and constant security around the area, but if you can skate it, it’s a great place for creating various lines. We managed to go on a dreary Sunday morning and got enough clips to create an edit for Be-Mag. James is a talented blader who constantly progress and pushes himself on a daily basis. I’m glad I was able to help him in this opportunity provided by Be-Mag and hope this help him gets the recognition and respect he deserves.” – Craig B. Filmed by Steven Perez and Craig B. Edited by Craig B. See the article and interview here.

NYC Weekly Deals: Don’t Sit On Bleachers

December 7, 2012

The Perez brothers got themselves a DSLR so we decided to test it out and learn the ropes at a near by Brooklyn spot over the course of an hour before the fog and rain hit. Featuring James Perez. Filmed by Steven Perez and Gordon Bombay. Edited by Gordon Bombay.

Youtube / Mobile version after the jump. (more…)

Oil City Wednesday Night Session Photos

November 14, 2012

Jon Gillen – Negative Citric Top Acid.

When Summer dies down and winter arises Oil City skate park is the place to be on Wednesday nights. Before the park was damaged by hurricane Sandy, we managed to get a ton of clips and pics from the Wednesday night sessions. Check out all the photos featuring Alex Ryerson, Angelo Ferrer, Angelo Morales, Danny Figgz, Erick Rodriguez, Franco Cammayo, Jake Rodriguez, James Perez, Jesus Medina, Jon Gillen, Jordan Baez, Moronie, Ryan Many, Sebastian Michalski, and Steven Perez. All photos by I Roll NY staff.

NYC Weekly Deals: Along The Way

September 12, 2012

One night in New York City. Featuring: Jay Greendyk, James Perez, Steven Perez, and Adonis Taylor as he returns from his clavicle injury. Join us as we cruise our city’s streets and see the events and people we meet…Along the way.

Youtube / Mobile version after the jump. (more…)

NYC Weekly Deals: Keeping Up With Trends

August 2, 2012

Afternoon session at Coleman and Marble. Featuring: Daniel Irizarry, Steven Perez, James Perez, Damian Michalski, Dre Morales, Austin Croteau, and Kunga Ng. Filmed / Edited by Tom Brews. Youtube / Mobile link after the jump.

NYC Edit Featuring Dominik Wagner and Many More

May 18, 2011

Featuring Alex Ryerson, Anddy Feliciano, James Perez, Ryan Many, Tim Franken, Hector Gonzalez, Val Vera, Cesar Macay, Ruben Lopez, Steven Perez, Henry Pulido, Julian Duque, James Macay, and Dominik Wagner.

I Roll NY Clip of the Week #35

August 11, 2010

This week’s C.O.W. takes place in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, NY at the box on 12th street and avenue D. Clip of the Week #35 features local NYC skaters and Tri-State Skate riders. Featuring in order of appearance James Perez, Tim Franken, Alex Ryerson, Steven Perez, Chris Esposito, Pat Bernat, Bobby Reichel, Dan Fabiano, and Chris Dejesus.

Early 2010 Session Photos

April 23, 2010

James Perez – BS torque. Photo: Craig Benabu

Had a few photos from some sessions held earlier in the year featuring a few different locations in NYC that people get to rarely skate including the Pratt Institute rail, Colombia University rail, and the Guggenheim museum ledge. Skaters include Malik Ashby, Dave Ngo, James Perez and Steven Perez. See the rest of the photos after the jump.