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I Roll NY Presents: The SHOCK Video Premiere at Tomorrow Night’s OG Party

December 2, 2011

Photo: Rollerwarehouse. Get your copy here!

I Roll NY reached out to the SHOCK crew and got a copy of their newly released video to premiere at tomorrow night’s OG party at Billy Hurricane’s! The SHOCK video features an NYC section with Joey Graziano, Alex Nunez, and more! Come out and show your support. Big thanks to Tommy Boy for hooking up NYC! Pick up your copy of The SHOCK DVD here.

The SHOCK Video Trailer

November 25, 2011

The SHOCK video will feature a NYC section with Joey Graziano and Alex Nunez. Should be available to buy on Monday!

SHOCK 5: Sam Williams on NYC Interview

November 24, 2010

Top 5 NY spots that aren’t blown the fuck up.
1. Bowne rail
2. Flushing meadows curve rail
3. 51 street equinox drop rail
4. 237 rail behind track ledges in queens
5. The new top secret triple c ledges in queens lol not the old ones guys ahhahaha

Top 5 favorite NY skaters.
2.alex nunez and sam Grimm tied lol
3. Franco cammayo
4. Ramelle knight
5. John stephens

See the rest of Sam Williams’ Top 5 on the SHOCK website.

SHOCK Interview with Jero on the NYC Scene

November 28, 2009

Click to view the interview

Kevin Yee of SHOCK interviewed one of our city’s newest additions Jeremy “Jero” Stephenson on our skating scene. The interview mainly covers our summer Lets Roll NY sessions and discusses how NYC has gained back it’s rightful title of being the best skate scene in the US. The interview also features a handful of the group photos from our LRNY sessions held in the Summer. Read the interview at the SHOCK site.


August 16, 2009

Photo: Sarkis Kalashian

The guys over at or put simply, SHOCK, have put up their interview with Mushroom blading pioneer Nick Riggle. Nick has been living in New York City for a few months now attending school and enjoying our city’s lifestyle. I Roll NY previously got in contact with Mr. Riggle and interviewed him months back but unfortunately we did not stay in contact. SHOCK fortunately makes up for our lazyness and puts together a great interview with Nick. Subjects of philosophy, music, art and of course skating are all touched upon in the interview. Nick offers his intelligent and indepth point of view in his answers making it a really great and educational read whether you’re involved in the skate world or not. Check the SHOCK interview with Nick Riggle here.


Billy O’Neil Interview with SHOCK

July 28, 2009

Tommy Boy and the SHOCK crew brings us some more New York City related news this time featuring Billy O’Neil. Billy talks about his injury and recovery along with the creation of his new frame company with Hakeem Jimoh and Brian Lewis, Create Originals. You can see Billy’s own setup too. Fish also touches upon his pro skate that should be on the market in September which will include Street Artist wheels and Jug liners. You might also want to pay attention near the end when he reveals a huge event that will be happening in NYC around the release of his skate.


Franco Cammayo Interview with SHOCK

July 23, 2009
Franco Cammayo – FS Farf up to 180 cross rocket grab out. Photo: BSmith (click to enlarge)

Tommy Boy out of San Francisco and SHOCK emailed me earlier in the day about the SHOCKXI Roll NY collaboration that is in the works as well as letting me know that his interview with Staten Island’s own Franco Cammayo was up on his site. This video interview took place during Tommy Boy’s stay in NYC back in March at Billy O’Neils place. This is a really chill interview that’s relaxed and just lets Franco talk about his everyday life giving the online viewer insight into his skating life and day to day schedule. The video interview is followed by some truly amazing photos of Franco taken by Brandon Smith. Check the interview page here to see the photos. Thanks Tommy Boy.


SHOCK Spots: Brooklyn Banks

July 18, 2009

Kevin Yee – Wall tap video still

The guys over at the popular west coast website, stabyourselfintheface, made a trip to New York City and sessioned the world famous Brooklyn Banks. Check out their post to see a West Coaster’s point of view of the famous skate spot. “This spot is a downhill shoot into brick laden and piss stained blade heaven. To make things even better, this spot is now fully legal to skate which has lead to an infiltration of ramps, rails, and other obstacles to add to enhance the spot. Tommy and I have both been watching this spot in videos for our whole lives, wanting to skate it, and so being there finally was bliss” – Wolfman. For more pics from the SHOCK trip check out the post here.


Shock Interview: Joey Graziano

June 18, 2009

Click to read the interview

If you don’t know who Joey Graziano, aka Joey G, is by now then you’re not paying attention. Joey G, one owner of Casualty clothing, has been interviewed by Tommy Boy of Mr. Tommy Boy emailed me personally to let me know about the interview with Joey. This isn’t your typical boring interview. It provides a lot of laughs and insight into the Casualty brand and gives a few start up tips on how to get started with making clothes. Don’t believe me? Here’s one of the many funny questions and answers from the interview.

In Home Alone part 1 Kevin saves the household all by himself. Do you think Kevin is a little bitch for not being an NRA member and just shooting those motherfucking robbers?

He had to set up all those stupid traps when he could of just blasted larry in the face and jacked that other hoe-made bitch-ass robber.

To read more of the article, check it out here. Besides the comedic Q and A there’s also some pretty sweet pics taken by local photographer, Josh Diaz. Also as a bonus, here’s Joey G’s edit reposted below for all to see the Long Island, NY native represent.

      HD version here