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Mullaly Skate Park to Partially Close

August 27, 2009

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Bronx, NY’s Mullay Skate park is closed due to the construction of the new Yankee stadium. What may be old news to local Bronx skaters, news 12 recently covered the closing of the park and did some interviews with the local residents. Check the video here. Unfortunately I do not think you can view the site unless you are a cablevision subscriber (pwnt). If you’re unable to see the video, news 12 just covers the closing and ends the story claiming that the park and the ramps will not be effected by the construction. No word on when the park will re-open. I’m sure the Bronx skaters know more than I do at this point, so leave some comments. “Residents say park space in the area had already grown scare because of the new Yankee Stadium. They say removing the park’s ramps and landings for a city construction project gives people one less option for recreation” – News 12.



X Dreams Skate Park Edit by: Ryan Schindler

January 17, 2009

Ryan Schindler sends us an edit from X Dreams Skate Park in Rochester, NY featuring Kelley Lennon, Matt Shannon, and Nate Born. Check out Ryan’s unique use of dolly/tracking shots and transitions. Thanks for the submission. The song is MGMT – The Youth.