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Flip The Script “To Be Continued” Montage

August 6, 2011

“Edit for our homies didnt wanna put anyones single name on any clips cause we wanted to be more about the sesh than the individual person. FLIPTHESCRIPT repping rollerblading so we bring you a short piece of just what we see” – FTS. Featuring Carly Sanchez, Franco Cammayo, Dominick Wagner, Hector Martinez, John Stephens, Chauncey Jenkins, Shardy Nieves, Danny FIggz, Peter Ortiz, Ralphy Herrera, Ramelle Knight and many more.

Shardy Nieves In Front Of The Lens SUAS Interview

June 10, 2011

“Shardy Nieves has made a name for himself in the NYC photography scene within a years time. And now that he has hit his groove by putting his own personal style on what he captures, he is on his way to create a living with his newfound passion. Often experimenting with new cutting-edge shooting techniques, he is already separating himself from the sea of just anybody with a camera” – SUAS. Read the full interview on Shutupandsk8.

SUAS: You seem to have exploded onto the NYC photography scene out of nowhere, how long have you’ve been sitting on this photographic talent?
Shardy Nieves: Well, February 2011 made 1 year that I have been shooting photography. Before that, I never had an interest in it to be honest.

SUAS: What is your current goal for “Your Daily Juice” blog?
Shardy Nieves: My goal for the blog is to educate the masses, whether it be photography, rollerblading or just everyday things we all deal with. It’s a reflection of myself in the purest form, through my words and my photography. Once I invest in a good HD camera I’ll start doing V-logs too (Video Blogs).

NYC A Chosen-Few Competition Photo Article

June 9, 2011

Saturday June 4th the first competition of 2011 in NYC went down. A Chosen-Few held their first competition here in New York and despite the rain, kick outs, and run ins with the laws, NYC pulled off an amazing competition. Click the picture above to view the full article and photos from Saturday’s competition featuring NYC’s top skaters. Thanks to Shardy Nieves, Victor Vizcaino, and Christian Delfino for providing photos of the competition. Read the NYC Presents: The A Chosen-Few Competition here.

Spring 2011 NYC

June 1, 2011

Featuring Dominik Wagner, Ramelle Knight, Nigel HoSang, Shardy Nieves, Gregory Sturino, Carly Sanchez, and more. Edited by Shardy Nieves.

Dominik Wagner I Roll NY Interview

May 26, 2011

German Remz pro Domink Wagner came down to New York City and spent three weeks here joining in on our local blade scene. He got to skate with us, hang out with us, and even live with one of our local photographers Shardy Nieves. I was able to meet up with Dominik and ask him some questions about his stay here along with the revival of the Chimera wheel company and his thoughts on the phrase “Euro Chucker.” Check out the I Roll NY Dominik Wagner interview here. Thanks to Shardy Nieves, Sam DeAngelis, and Adonis Taylor for providing the photos.

Shardy Nieves ONE Photo Journal #2

April 4, 2011

“For about a year there’s been an image in my head of a photo I wanted to capture. And I wanted to make sure that when I did it, it was done right. Lighting and location and timing are always important to me, but what’s also important is the correct subject to photograph. For this shot I chose Evan Grimball, a 21-year-old New York City local. Taken on what was one of the cooler nights in the city this year, I set up two Nikon SB 600 Speedlights to create cross lighting, and had the busy sidewalk of 14th St. cleared (easier said than done). The photo of Evan’s Fishbrain came out exactly how I had visualized it, and I’m more than satisfied. Evan is an amazing skater, and definitely an upcoming talent that shouldn’t be taken lightly” – Shardy Nieves.


Shardy Nieves ONE Photo Journal

March 4, 2011

“After about a six-hour drive from Detroit, we pulled into this truck stop in Pennsylvania for a quick stretch and bathroom break. Upon arrival we noticed a sweet nine-step rail with plenty of space to set up my lights and capture some sweet shots, if the fellas were up to it. We unpacked the trunk and I set up my lights and stands while the guys strapped on their skates. Joaquin “Wakums” Fletcher approached the steps with great speed and laced this mute 180 in the freezing cold. I captured the shot with my Nikon D90, 70-200mm 2.8 V.R. and two Nikon Sb-600 speed lights using Nikon CLS. Then we got back on the road to NYC” – Shardy Nieves.


Valo4Life NYC Premiere Pics + Review by Shardy Nieves

November 29, 2010

“Saturday, November 27th, 2010 was the night of the highly anticipated fourth installment to the WAV (We Are Valo) series. This would take place at the Helen Mills Theater located on west 26th street in Manhattan. NYC was ready for what the internet buzz called “One of the greatest skate movies to date.” The event which generated a lot of talk via Facebook was organized by Victor Callender, who organizes such events as Last Man Standing, Battle My Crew, and the Let’s Roll NY sessions. As I walked into the theater, the first object I noticed was the Valo4life billboard which was positioned at the foot of the steps” – Shardy Nieves. See all of the photos and the Valo4Life video review on the Shardy Nieves blog.

A Fruitbooters Halloweiner 2010

November 10, 2010

Featuring Shardy Nievies skating in downtown Manhattan during last month’s Halloween session.

Halloween NYC 2010

November 5, 2010

Featuring Shardy Nieves, Sean Grossman, Drew Humphrey, Omar Butt, Sebastian Michalski, Adonis Taylor and more.