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One Clip with Alex Nunez

June 29, 2010

Sean Ashby uploaded a recently discovered clip of Alex Nunez at the famous globe ledge in Queens, NY from winter 2009. Check the dope line Alex pulls off before the spot was closed off. Filmed and edited by Sean Ashby.

Queens “Couch” Edit

January 2, 2010

David Wauhop sends an edit from Queens, NY featuring Sean Ashby and Danny V. It’s a dope throwback edit where you get to see the two progress over time. Filmed and edited by David Wauhop.

Sean Ashby Summer ’09 Montage

December 23, 2009

Sean Ashby sends another edit wrapping ’09 this time featuring all the highlights from the summer. Don’t you just miss the warm days where you could just wear a tee outside? Well relive those warm memories with this montage from Queens, NY featuring skating from Benny Lee, Matthew Perales, Htat Lin Htut,Urian Rigaud, Jake Rodriguez, Jonathan Fresneda, Ruben Lopez, Jimmy Sherpa, Brandon Ford, Billy O’Neill, and Danny V. Filmed and edited by Sean Ashby.

Sean Ashby ’09 Section

December 16, 2009

Sean Ashby sends another great edit from the Queens, NY area this time featuring himself. Taking a step away from the camera Sean features himself skating all over the NYC area including his hometown of Queens. I had a chance to skate with Sean yesterday and he’s just as impressive on film as he is in person. Thanks to Sean for creating his online section exclusively for I Roll NY.

Danny V. Summer Edit ’09

December 12, 2009

Sean Ashby dropped me an email with this exclusive edit of Danny Villanueva specifically made for I Roll NY. The duo really represent Queens well. Even though Danny recently made the move to Long Island, NY he still kills every spot in his home town. Danny laces a lot of tech tricks and 360/full cab tricks so peep game. Thanks to Sean and Danny for the support. “Droppin’ these two exclusive edits for IROLLNY, which we were more than glad to film for. Due to Danny recently moving to long island we knew it was going to be hectic to get this done. thanks to Danny for driving us everywhere day and night, surprisingly with no sleep we came through so enjoy…” – Sean Ashby. The second edit will be posted up soon so stay tuned!

Jimmy Sherpa Summer Edit

December 1, 2009

Sean Ashby sends his most recent edit of the young talent Jimmy Sherpa. Jimmy is from Queens, NY and is only 14 years-old. Check the edit to see Jimmy’s skills where he’s grinding and gapping everything in sight. Filmed and edited by Sean Ashby. “Started the summer of ’07, he just keeps getting better and better and he is only 14 years-old. Look out NYC” – Sean Ashby.

Trevor Johnson September Edit

October 2, 2009

Do you really need me to ramble on about this edit? Two words: Trevor Johnson. You already know it’s going to be sick so just sit back and enjoy. According to Angelo Ferrer this edit was filmed all in one day, yesterday to be exact, just showing you guys how talented Trevor truly is. Filmed and edited by Sean Ashby who also got on his grind by producing this in 24 hours.

Last Man Standing 2009 By: Sean Ashby

September 18, 2009

Sean Ashby creates another quality edit, this time covering the fourth Last Man Standing competition. Sean’s edit has a lot of coverage and gets straight to the point of showcasing the hammers from every pro skater and our local talented skaters. Sean also has also provides some clips from the final round which take place late into the night.

Sean Ashby Spring ’09 Edit

August 27, 2009

Sean Ashby continues to represent his part of our city, Queens, with his constant filming of the local skaters and the local spots in his area. This time Sean’s latest edit features himself in an online section skating all over the Queens area and Manhattan area. There’s a ton of sick tricks on a lot of different of spots in NYC. Check it out up top.

Queens, NY Summer Edit by: Sean Ashby

July 22, 2009

Sean Ashby submits another edit coming out of Queens, NY featuring Danny Villanueva, Benny Lee, Matthew Perales, Michael Nieto, and Sean Ashby. The edit includes spots all over the Queens area and Manhattan area. “…Three days of skating the city and Queens. Thanks to Danny V for driving us everywhere. Also thanks to Anna for filming. Expect a lot more during the summer” Sean Ashby. Check the edit above and expect to see more from Sean and the Queens crew.