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Harlem Blading

April 2, 2016

Featuring Sasha Sergieiev, Zach Cramer, Tommy Hearn, and Adonis Taylor. Filmed and edited by Malik Ashby.

The Chronicles: Bails, Fails & Wins

November 12, 2015

Joey Scannella puts together a great NYC / NJ montage. Featuring Osbel Velez, Austin Paz, Justin Brasco, Mike Torres, Tadd Labozzetta, James Perez, Steve Nichols, Pablo Munoz, Taylor Kobryn, Arismendy Canela, Chris Santiago, James Kobryn, Sebastian Michalski, Austin Croteau, Sal A. Zaso, Sasha Papa, Anddy Feliciano, and Nick Fatato.

In Case The World Ends Montage

December 21, 2012

A collection of footage that we were holding onto for no particular reason. Might as well use it before the world ends. People still edit to dubstep? Featuring Sebastian Michalski, Dave Ngo, Sasha Sergieiev, Jordan Baez, Trevor Johnson, Austin Croteau, Damian Michalski, and James Perez. Hopefully you’ll still be alive to enjoy this. Filmed / Edited by Regina George.

Youtube / Mobile version after the jump. (more…)

NYC Weekly Deals: Ticky Tacky Box Session

April 29, 2012

Featuring Sebastian Michalski, Franco Cammayo, and Sasha Sergieiev. Filmed / Edited by Tom Brews. Youtube link after the jump.

Staten Impossibe: Finding A Good Ledge on the Island

March 6, 2012

Sasha Sergieiev laces a top acid while Sebastian Michalski laces a scorpion handstand

“Staten Island is a borough of New York City, New York, United States, located in the southwest part of the city.”
Now that I’ve filled the first sentence with a copy and paste job from Wikipedia I can now start the story about our journey to Staten Island and how we did not find one good ledge the whole day. Sebastian Michalski aka White Murda, Sasha Sergieiev aka Papa Sasha, and myself aka me, drove out to the island to film new spots and forgotten spots.

Redhook 2009 Photos

January 28, 2011

Check out these never before seen photos from a winter ’09 session in Redhook, Brooklyn. Featuring Devin Thomas, Dave Ngo, Damian Michalski, Mike Bob, Omar Butt, and Sasha Sergieiev. Photos by Craig Benabu.

Lets Roll NY Session 5 Footage

May 22, 2010

Caught a couple of clips from last weekend’s, May 15th, Lets Roll New York session held in Queens, NY. Skaters include Yannes Sootes, Neil Diskin, Sasha Sergieiev, Angelo Ferrer, and Cesar Macay. Check out some of the tricks that went down on Saturday.

Sasha Sergieiev Left Overs Edit

January 26, 2010

John Alcantra sends an edit of Brooklyn, NY skater Sasha Sergieviev. The edit is made up of left over footage of Sasha skating Brighton Beach, Brooklyn during late Fall. I’m a big fan of Sasha’s style and skating and hope to see more from him soon. Filmed and edited by John Alcantra.

Brooklyn Fall Edit ’09

November 15, 2009

Check the edit from Brooklyn, NY featuring Brookyln and Long Island skaters Sasha Sergieiev, Omar and Devin Thomas. Spots feature Brighton Beach, Bushwick, Wall Street, Chinatown and other Manhattan spots. Filmed and edited by John Alcantra during the Fall.

Brighton Beach Night Session

November 4, 2009

Monday night, November 2nd, 2009 8:30PM, I get an instant message asking me if I’m skating. Thinking it’s the typical Wall street session and considering how my ankle has been acting up lately I’m in the process of writing “no” until I get another text telling me to skate at Brighton Beach. Brighton Beach? Why that’s unheard of! Around 9:30PM I meet up with the two who messaged me Dave Ngo and James Perez along with Steven Perez and Sasha Sergieiev. Knowing that my ankle was still sore, I designated myself as the session’s photographer and caught some photos of the local ledge and a rail to gap into the street spot where James laced. See all the photos after the jump.