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Summer Montage feat Abdiel Coldberg, Ryan Jacklone & Many More

August 11, 2011

Check out the latest from Cesar Macay and Ryan Many. Featuring skating from Val Vera, Steve Cortez, Hector Gonzalez, Danny Figgz, Ramelle Knight, John Stephens, Christian Delfino, Kyle Sola, Ryan Jacklone, and Abdiel Coldberg.

Old School NYC Skating

April 9, 2011

Featuring some of NYC’s pioneers Ryan Jacklone, Ray Mendez, Rawlinson Rivera and more.

Last Man Standing Behind the Scenes Photos

August 31, 2010

Rah the MC controlling the crowd

This year’s fifth annual Last Man Standing has had an overwhelming amount of media coverage on all of the big tricks that went down during the contest. Photographer Christen Cofer captured all of the behind the scenes action that was going on in the crowd and with the competing skaters. Check out all the photos below.

Too Much Love Pier 62 Session Footage

July 8, 2010

On June 18th, 2010 the Too Much Love crew came to New York City to session with the local skaters at the Pier 62 skatepark in Manhattan, NY. This edit features some of the big tricks that went down. Featuring skating from (in order of appearance) Dave Lang, Billy O’Neill, and Michael Garlinghouse. The edit also features two very special late arrivals to the session who happen to be New York City rollerblading legends and pioneers. Watch the edit in it’s entirety to see the NYC legends back on their skates.

ONE Magazine Look Back: Ryan Jacklone is the Riggler

May 23, 2010

“Ryan Jacklone’s skating was always fluid; nothing about it seemed forced. Watching his skating, you can see that his style evolved from spending long days on blades cruising through traffic, dodging taxi cabs, and weaving in and out of pedestrians on the busy sidewalks of NYC, improvising along the way. We remember the huge airs, corkscrew spins, misty flips (which he is credited with inventing or being the first to bring from a snowboard to blades), and his swagger. When people say “rollerblading needs more personality” they might as well say “rollerblading needs Ryan Jacklone.” – Ben Rogers.

See the full article with more photos and videos of NYC’s most influential rollerblader on the ONE Magazine website.


It’s All Good

January 19, 2010

It’s All Good is a feature length film created in 1998 focusing on inline skating. The film starts out as a documentary focusing on skating in general narrated by rollerblading pioneer and legend Chris Edwards and turns into a storyline between rival companies FR and Senate. The classic East Coast vs West, New York vs the world story line is showcased and New York City’s history is preserved and represented in this documentary. It’s All Good is over 90 minutes long featuring NYC legends and FR team riders Dave Ortega, Ryan Jacklone, Gil Vasquez, Nene Tejada, Ozzie Tejada, Robert Disla, Harry Disla, Jose Disla, and FR creator Nick Hartman. “You haven’t seen street until you’ve seen Dave and his crew. The part of that other world. That one percent that uses the streets of New York as they were meant to be used” – Chris Edwards.

Own A Peice of East Coast History

June 19, 2009

Click to enlarge

There’s a current auction on ebay featuring some memorabilia straight from the infant days of skating. A great selection of classic New York City and east coast wheels are for sale for a great price by former company FR and other old school companies featuring a set of pro wheels from east coast legend Dave Ortega. I personally love the Meatz wheels. Comparing the designs and colors from back then to now, I definitively prefer the throw backs. Check the auction here and get your hands on some of these classic products. Check out the edit of NYC pioneers Dave Ortega and Ryan Jacklone from over 10 years ago below. Know&Respect your roots kiddos.