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NYC Weekly Deals

February 29, 2012

While wrapping up filming with Jesus Medina for an upcoming Pier 25 edit, Billy Gonzalez, Jash Ruiz, Ruben Perez, and more bladers joined in on the session as we made our way out the park. We went to the “Monkey Ledges” before getting kicked out and went to a nearby rail that Jash led us to. Check out the clips I managed to get from one of the many weekly sessions that go down in New York City. Featuring in order of appearance: Jesus Medina, Billy Gonzalez, Jash Ruiz and Ruben Perez. Youtube link after the jump. Filmed and edited by Robert Paulson.

A Glimpse into the NYC Skate Scene

June 10, 2010

The Art of Rolling put together this small feature on the NYC blading scene with some words from John Ortiz featuring skating Hector Rodriguez, James Perez, Greg Sturino, Ramelle Knight, Ruben Perez, Dave Lang, Jose Henriquez, Danny Villanueva, Angelo Ferrer & Davvny Irizarry.

Ruben Perez Edit

April 22, 2010

Alex Lopez sends a dope teaser edit of local NYC skater Ruben Perez shredding in his neighborhood. There’s a lot of creative tricks and good use of angles along with a sweet motion graphic and a confrontation with police all in this less than a minute edit. “Ruben and I went out skating around the block testing out the new Cam. Got kicked out of one of the spots n we called it a day” – Alex Lopez. Filmed and edited by Alex Lopez.