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2016 Boschi Pope Skate Off 2.0

April 10, 2017


ButterTV drops an extended look into last year’s Boschi Pope skate off, “With the amount of footage from the 2016 event–it was hard to squeeze it all into one video. So, as promised, here is the BPSO 2.0 edit. And if you haven’t already watched the first video make sure to check it out” – ButterTV. See ButterTV’s first edit of the BPSO 2016 here.

Robert Monegro Pier 62 Edit

January 10, 2012

“Bringing back the Professional. New Year, New Edit, New Motivation, it’s called turning 30! Keep your eyes open for that homie with the tie on! pier 62” – Robert Monegro.

Robert Monegro Oil City Edit

January 25, 2011

Featuring Robert Monegro skating Oil City skatepark in Long Island, NY.

Flip The Script TV Winter Recess 2010-2011

January 19, 2011

Check out the epic edit from the FTS crew featuring Franco Cammayo, Carly Sanchez, John Stephen,s Ramelle Knight, Malik Ashby, Greg Sturino, Jimmy Shuda, Jeff Fredricks, Steve Iacono, Wake Schepmann, Chris Saunders, Robert Monegro, Merch A Hernandez, Kevin Lebron, Hector Martinez, Lou Gonzalez, Eric B, Chad Caroselli, and many more! Flip The Script would like to give thanks to all the skaters for making it possible. More edits to come and if we missed you this is only the beginning.

Robert Monegro Skatepark Edit

January 13, 2011

Featuring Robert Monegro skating Drop-In skatepark and Shield’s skatepark.

Robert Monegro Drop-In Skatepark Edit

November 21, 2010

Featuring Robert Monegro, Ricky Ramos, Chris Kolodziej, and more at Drop-In Skatepark.

Art of Rolling Oil City OG Session Edit

November 4, 2010

Featuring skating from Joe Dedentro, Victor Callender, Robert Monegro, Alex Nunez, Mike Horbituak, Angelo Ferrer, Jordan Baez, Hyper Mike, Frank D’Angelo, and Christie Toledo.

Robert Monegro at H-Town Skatepark

October 22, 2010

Featuring 29 year-old Robert Monegro at H-Town Skatepark in New Jersey.

Washington Height’s Finest at Maloof Skate Plaza

September 14, 2010

Check out the edit featuring Robert Monegro and Julio Amiama from Washington Heights, NY skating the Maloof skate plaza in Queens, NY.

Robert Monegro Pier 62 Edit

June 27, 2010

“Robert Monegro, 29 years-old, and still rolling. He calls himself the professional just because he can. I heard they opened pier 62 so I decided to test out the park and to test my Razor skates. Just a couple of tricks. Hate it or love it. So what. I love to roll. My wife Mrs. Monegro filmed it with her BB phone very nice of her I did not even know. More of robs clips at Thanks to I Roll NY I would’ve never known the park opened” – Robert Monegro.