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Last Man Standing 2010 Pro Competition

August 29, 2010

“August 28th 2010 has now come and gone….But nonetheless it was a remarkable weekend for me. This day is known for the Last Man Standing Pro Competition held in Upper West Manhattan at a spot that many do not skate for fun called The Pit. The Pit is a good area because the residents nor police bother rollerbladers at all. One thing is for sure though, The Pit is not a session spot but a very dangerous spot that has tested many. On this day a fellow New York Roller and friend was injured when he crossed the path of the last spot on this day. Recover well and soon Jesus Medina. (more…)

Lets Roll NY Session 13 Photos

August 4, 2010

Robert Guerrero – Top acid. Photo: Hillel Dov

Lets Roll NY Session 13 took place last Wednesday at the Maloof skate plaza in Queens, NY. There was an unexpected special guest at the session, Rob G, who pulled off some stylish tricks in his new prototype Rollerblades. Photographer Hillel Dov was at the LRNY session to capture all the big tricks that went down. Thanks to Hillel for photographing the past few sessions. You can check out more of Hillel’s photos on his Flickr page. See all the photos from LRNY #13 below.

Kevin Dowling Olympus Your Story Entry

August 3, 2010

Kevin Dowling has been visiting our city filming for his Olympus tour focusing on Montre Livingston and Rob G. He completed his tour video and uploaded his entry yesterday. His Olympus “Your Story” entry focuses on the New York City scene, skaters, and skate spots. Check out the video up top.

Kevin Dowling and Jamie Olmstead Premiere Footage Tape

October 30, 2009

Kevin Dowling and Jamie Olmstead have premiered their project titled, Footage Tape, which is an online high definition web series that has set the standards for any piece of online media dedicated to rollerblading. Not only does Footage Tape provide great footage of some of rollerblading’s top pros doing the sickest tricks with multiple angles but it covers each section as a news report which is refreshing to see. This first episode is approximately 31 minutes long and is better than most videos that are out now. Footage Tape provides great coverage on the Panhandle Pow Wow and the Boots, Burgers, and Hammers competition as well as scene reports on Tennessee, Georgia, South Carolina, and New York City.

The NYC report rounds off the video. Saving the best for last? I think so. Kevin opens up the NYC section showing his love for our scene, and the I Roll NY site (I love you Kevin!) as well as dedicating the opening footage to our lost friend Brian “Cozmik” Scott which I’m truly grateful for. The NYC footage goes on to cover one of our many Lets Roll NY sessions, our Last Man Standing competition, and various pros skating our city. Thank you to Kevin and Jamie for not only representing our local scene amazingly, but rollerblading in general amazingly. Please show your support, just how Kevin has, and visit the Footage Tape website. “FootageTape is the first ever HD online rollerblading web series created by Kevin Dowling and Jamie Olmstead. This episode features skating from the likes of David Sizemore, Julian Bah, Michael Braud, Rob Guerrero, Tim Taylor, Adam Mcmanus, Montre Livingston, Billy Oneill, Adam Ehalt, Walt Austin, Jon Jon Bolino, Chris Smith, Cody Porche, Jon Ortiz and more” – Footage Tape.

OC All Day: Order out of Chaos With Ariel Surun and Rob G

October 17, 2009

Stumbled upon this a while ago but didn’t get the chance to post it up until now. NYC’s Ariel Surun spent some time on the west coast living with Rob G over the summer and Rob posted some photos of a typical day via his blog. Check out the photos and story at Controlled Accidents.


Flatline Skateshop Pro Signing Photos By: Drew Humphrey

October 6, 2009

Rob G and David Sizemore in front of Flatline Skateshop

The week of the fourth annual Last Man Standing contest, Flatline Skateshop was home to a memorable pro signing. What was just supposed to be a simple in and out event, turned into a session and a huge crowd that forced the local police to take notice and wonder what our large group was doing in front of the shop. Photographer Drew Humphrey caught some photos of the pro signing including some of your favorite pros rocking the I Roll NY tee which is now only available at Flatline Skateshop. Check out all of the photos after the jump.

Last Man Standing Coverage from Valo, Connected, and Remz

September 6, 2009
View in HD

Yesterday was one of the biggest rollerblading competitions in New York City’s history. The fourth annual Last Man Standing competition was filled with a ton of NYC skaters, out of state visitors, local and visiting pros. The guys over at Valo/Them Goods, Remz and Connected have already provided some coverage of yesterday’s massive turn out. Check out more pictures after the jump from Valo and Remz. Footage by Ivan Narez and Connected.