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2012 Winter Edit

February 10, 2012

Featuring Billy Gonzalez, Jash Ruiz, John Estrella, Chris Delfino, Dillin Eric, Jordan Baez, Austin Croteua, Ricky Ramos, Jeff Scott, Ari, Nelson. Just some random footy i caught during some blade sessions hope you like.

LMS Fundraiser BBQ Box Jam Photos

July 14, 2011

Lonnie Gallegos – Topsoul. Photo: Sam DeAngelis.

Check out all the photos from last weekend’s Last Man Standing fundraiser BBQ box jam held at The Pit in Washington Heights. Photographer Sam DeAngelis captured the day’s events. Featuring Ramelle Knight, John Stephens, Ricky Ramos, Carlos Montenegro, James Perez, Pablo Munoz and more. See all the photos below! All photos by Sam DeAngelis.

Robert Monegro Drop-In Skatepark Edit

November 21, 2010

Featuring Robert Monegro, Ricky Ramos, Chris Kolodziej, and more at Drop-In Skatepark.

August Rush Edit

September 5, 2010

Check the latest edit from Gregory Sturino wrapping up his Summer. The edit features spots all over New York City and Westchester County, NY with skating from Ricky Ramos, Greg Sturino, Peter Ortiz, John Hall, Trent Olans, Dominick Blanchard, Adonis Taylor and more.

Signature NYC Weekend

February 27, 2010

I’ve been really digging the past few edits Adonis Taylor has been making. The vibe that he creates in this edit is really chill and sets the tone for our city’s winter skating. The edit was filmed on two sessions that took place over the Signature premiere we had last weekend. Featuring skating from Malik Ashby, Jash Ruiz, John Estrella, Greg Sturino, Ricky Ramos, and Adonis Taylor.

End of Summer At Stamford Connecticut

September 22, 2009

Navin Hardyal, owner of Skeptic Media, has been hard at work school and snuck in some free time to create this end of Summer edit featuring Greg Sturino, Ricky Ramos, Ramelle Knight and Rafael Herrera skating the Stamford, CT skatepark. “I managed to get a few minutes off of studying and school tonight and decided to finish up this edit i started about a few weeks ago. One of the last trips we made before the ending of summer 2009. Rafael Herrera, Ramelle Knight, Ricky Ramos and Greg Sturino took the drive out to Stamford CT on one of the last few nice sunny days this august. Enjoy” – Navin Hardyal. Filmed and edited by Navin Hardyal.

Spring ’09 Edit By: Skeptic Media

August 24, 2009

As usual Navin Hardyal and the Skeptic Media crew create another great edit from our city featuring the Skeptic team and local skaters shredding the Throgs Neck Skatepark in the Bronx, NY and other spots around the NYC area. The edit features Kevin Cintron, Joaquin Fletcher, Damian Michalski, Yannes Sootes, Will Torres, Edgar Rivera, Austin Croteau, Greg Sturino, Andy Grant, Ricky Ramos, Nelso Mercado, and Jose Henriquez. Filmed and edited by Navin Hardyal this edit definitely displays the talent that the Skeptic Media team and NYC skaters have.


Greg Sturino and Ricky Ramos Edit

July 16, 2009

First of all I’d like to say thanks to Navin Hardyal and the Skeptic Media crew because without their work and efforts I wouldn’t have most of the content on I Roll NY. Navin and the Skeptic Media riders have been coming out with monthly edits that keep improving with filming/editing techniques and the level of skating featured. Navin is creating an archive of edits that in the future will show how each of the skaters featured have progressed over time. This edit features Skeptic riders, Greg Sturino and Ricky Ramos, skating three perfect spots with a beautiful scenery. Taking a more artistic approach, Navin was able to capture the beauty of the spots and the tricks, along with the surrounding scenery, giving a completely different vibe than most edits. Enjoy.