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Dipskate’s Newest Member: Rafael Herrera

August 20, 2009

Bronx, NY’s Rafael Herrera has recently been added to the Dipskate roster. It’s a great pick up that’s well deserved. Ralphy’s been killing the NYC scene and is always improving and progressing and I’m sure he’ll add his skills to the team. “Mr. Herrera has been holding it down for NYC since I started so I felt it was only right to add him to the team. He is a great skater to all of us and great friend to me. I know this power move will help Dipskate push forward in the near future. Once Again, Congrats to Rafael Herrera and I am so proud to have him on my team” – Ramelle Knight.


Entertainers Ball Classic Half Time Skate Demo Tomorrow

August 16, 2009

Photo Casey Lee via the EBC website

The Entertainers Ball Classic, or EBC, will be throwing a skate demo during their “Battle of the Boroughs” basketball game tomorrow evening. The game is scheduled to start at 6:00PM, though the time can change, and the demo will take place during their half time show which should occur around 7:00PM or 7:30:PM. Ramelle Knight, John Stephens, and Rafael Herrera are scheduled to be apart of the demo so come out and show your support while watching a free basketball game in the world famous Rucker Park in Harlem, NY. If you’d like to attend the event you can check the EBC website here. Your best bet to get to the park by train would be to take the D or B train to 155th street which is not far from the event. The EBC is also aired on the MSG network every Thursday at 7:00PM so hopefully they’ll feature the demo as well as the game. If you’re unable to make it the game, you can watch it online at the EBC site.

Skeptic Media’s Brooklyn/Queens Session

June 21, 2009

Damian Michalski – Tru Miszou

John Stephens – Fishbrain

Rafael Herrera – BS Farf

Skeptic Media teamed up with Photographer/Webzine owner Angelo Ferrer to do a mini tour of the Brooklyn/Queens area. You can check the stills above for some of the sick tricks that went down. As well, visit the Skeptic Media post for an exclusive clip of Evan G skating in Queens, NY. “Street Tours are so much fun…Your feet get a workout skating from spot to spot and you lace stuff because you know the troop you just had to make to get there. Here are some stills of some clips we got today.” – Navin Hardyal