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Sam DeAngelis ONE Photo Journal #12

October 22, 2011

“I would never in a million years fathom anyone attempting this trick. Back in April of this year the Valo team came into NYC to film for Valo “Five.” I contacted Jon Julio to see what his plans were and he replied with an invitation to come out for the day and shoot with the team. As I met the guys at LES park they were already scoping the area for tricks.

Erik Bailey was checking out this huge gap to ledge and decided he would charge it at full speed. The first couple of attempts ended with him rolling like a log across the blacktop for ten feet but somehow coming out unscathed each time. Finally, after setting up my flashes, I caught this shot just in time. He flew at this Disaster Mute Grab to Back Royale as Victor Arias caught the clip. This shot was taken with my Canon T2i at 1/160, f6.3, 400, with flashes placed bottom left and top right” – Sam DeAngelis.


Hillel Dov ONE Photo Journal

September 5, 2011

“It was hot outside and Angelo Ferrer from Art of Rolling set up a shoot for me. So I got my ass all the way from Union Ave in Brooklyn to 168th St. in the City. A kid named Pablo is on the phone trying to explain to me where he is.

Ledges. He keeps swearing I should see ledges. Every time I ask him for some other reference he keeps telling me he’s standing on ledges. I finally see him and can’t help but feel misled. Considering this was a reference for location, I kept looking for something elevated. Whatever happened to calling these planters?! But I digress.

Pablo Munoz and Anddy Feliciano are two talented skaters and they did their thing. Chauncy Jenkins showed up and really got the session going. All of a sudden the ledge wasn’t challenging enough for everyone. I don’t remember who specifically started it, but it became clear that only tricks done over the grating were going to count from here on out. Among many tricks, Pablo laced this fishbrain.

D300,1/250, f9, ISO200, 18mm. One Vivitar 285 set to 1/8 power. Cactus remotes” – Hillel Dov.


ONE Photo Journal: Sam DeAngelis #11

June 28, 2011

“As winter came to a close, the New York City blade scene ignited. In late February, Angelo Ferrer of Art of Rolling Magazine contacted bladers about touring with them throughout the city to shoot some of NYC’s finest before the summer heat took over. We headed to Queens first, not only for the abundance of fresh spots, but also because we rarely get the boot. While in Long Island City Angelo spotted this fashion rail as we skated our way to another spot, and before we knew it Chauncey Jenkins was already hitting backslides. I grabbed my bag, set up, and headed down to see what else he was going to come up with as he threw down a perfect Kind Grind 450. This closed down street shop must have faced East because the sun was set for my shot. I added one flash to Chauncey’s far left to help frame his body and create a halo effect. With a low ISO, F Stop at 6.3, and my shutter set at 1/160, I was able to freeze this action beneath the New York City sun” – Sam DeAngelis.


Shardy Nieves ONE Photo Journal #2

April 4, 2011

“For about a year there’s been an image in my head of a photo I wanted to capture. And I wanted to make sure that when I did it, it was done right. Lighting and location and timing are always important to me, but what’s also important is the correct subject to photograph. For this shot I chose Evan Grimball, a 21-year-old New York City local. Taken on what was one of the cooler nights in the city this year, I set up two Nikon SB 600 Speedlights to create cross lighting, and had the busy sidewalk of 14th St. cleared (easier said than done). The photo of Evan’s Fishbrain came out exactly how I had visualized it, and I’m more than satisfied. Evan is an amazing skater, and definitely an upcoming talent that shouldn’t be taken lightly” – Shardy Nieves.


Shardy Nieves ONE Photo Journal

March 4, 2011

“After about a six-hour drive from Detroit, we pulled into this truck stop in Pennsylvania for a quick stretch and bathroom break. Upon arrival we noticed a sweet nine-step rail with plenty of space to set up my lights and capture some sweet shots, if the fellas were up to it. We unpacked the trunk and I set up my lights and stands while the guys strapped on their skates. Joaquin “Wakums” Fletcher approached the steps with great speed and laced this mute 180 in the freezing cold. I captured the shot with my Nikon D90, 70-200mm 2.8 V.R. and two Nikon Sb-600 speed lights using Nikon CLS. Then we got back on the road to NYC” – Shardy Nieves.


Sam DeAngelis ONE Photo Journal #9

January 14, 2011

“Remz rider, and Psyko Clothing representative, Dave Lang and I met up a couple of weeks ago to shoot some photos and video before he left for California on January 8th. Lang recently graduated from the School of Visual Arts in New York City, and since then has been hired for freelance work in video production by SPIN Magazine, Ray Ban, New Castle Brown Ale, New Era, and much more. Dave is moving out to Woodward West in order to develop an exciting and ground-breaking video production program for Woodward’s new private Boarding School. Not only is Dave a talented artist, but he also recently placed third in the AIL World Championship and fifth in the Gladiator Contest in Nantes, France.

Dave and I worked on this shot for a good fifteen minutes in order to get the stunt just right. We were torn between grab or no-grab, which way he would land, and where I would be standing. Eventually, Dave came up with this body-contorting, one-footed Alley-Oop Wallride, and finished it off by landing forward; all while barely moving the upper half of his body. Dave’s immensely technical trick vocabulary and urge for perfection in styling makes him one of blading’s greatest up and coming talents. I shot this with two strobes off to the right. One behind and high to light Dave’s face, and the other to catch his back and illuminate the obstacle.

Dave Lang is the guy that will work his ass off and do everything he can to bring blading to the larger public eye. He is a devoted artist, blader, and all around good person to have around. If you see him, be sure to say “What’s up!” and get your camera ready… you might seriously regret it if you don’t!” – Sam DeAngelis.


Nick DeMarchi ONE Photo Journal #5

January 5, 2011

“This photo is from a little while back when I was in Rochester, NY, blading for the day. Everybody was skating this bank to dumpster in somewhat of the same way, launching from the bank and grinding or stalling the flat part. Tim had something different in mind and wanted to grind up the dumpster. We shot this a few times, and after a few different shots we came up with this launch to backslide. The lighting setup was pretty basic: two flashes on top of the bank, one right at Tim’s back and another on the other side of the dumpster about 6-7 feet high to light his face, but also high enough that light would spill into the dumpster without leaving a super harsh shadow. With just those two flashes lighting Tim, the front of the dumpster and bank were a little more underexposed than I’d like, especialy considering that I’m already underexposing the sky a few stops to retain detail in the clouds. So I kicked in a litttle fill on the front of the scene from an on-camera flash. Tim and I were both pretty happy with the result as we were trying to showcase his yellow blades, and I think this worked out perfectly with the blue dumpster and dreary skyline” – Nick DeMarchi.


Sam DeAngelis ONE Photo Journal #8

November 27, 2010

This shot was taken during the Franco Cammayo wheel release session held at Tri-State Skate in Hillburn, NY. As everyone was focused on shop rider and newly appointed Eulogy Pro Franco Cammayo, I noticed Austin Paz lacing some tricks on this bank ramp to quarter pipe. I set up as fast as I could and shot away as he laced this Disaster AO Tea Kettle. (What?!) Austin is a NYC native who has recently moved to Phoenix, Arizona. He is known for his unique style and difficult trick vocabulary. It is sad to see Austin leave the East Coast, but he is always returning to shred the city and show support for the scene. Be sure to check out some amazing clips form Paz in Valo’s new blade film “Valo4Life” – Sam DeAngelis.


Kris Troyer ONE Photo Journal #4

October 8, 2010

“In Rochester, NY, there is a spot known as “G Spot.” Yes, folks, it does exist, and it actually happens to be pretty played out up there. But during my short visit to the area this summer we happened to be in the vicinity of the “G Spot” and noticed this barge docked next to the walkway. Apparently they do concerts and whatnot on these things during the summer, but Grant Hazelton does Gaps to Wallrides and 180s off. When shooting this, Grant had to position himself between the barge and ladder and push the barge out with his legs to create the gap, then proceed to skate around and do the Wallride before the buoyant platform rebounded back inward, thus making the trick as scary as possible. He actually almost fell in head first one time. Getting trapped upside down under that piece would be a scary trip. Shot with one Vivitar 383 at camera left about 10 ft away, at 1/2 power. Aperture f/6.3, shutter 1/100, at 160 ISO” – Kris Troyer.


Nick DeMarchi ONE Photo Journal #3

September 30, 2010

“This bank to ledge is under a bridge overpass, and on a windy day skating to the ledge is like skating through a wind tunnel head on. So the plan was to get there on a day where the wind coming right off the lake about 200 yards away was minimal. Turns out the day Dan called me to go there and shoot the wind was not an issue, but traffic was. After waiting and waiting and a few attempts we got the shot. The light was pretty harsh, and the angle of the sun put the ledge in shade but left all the grass in direct sun, so I had to get a lot of juice out of the flashes to match exposures. With two flashes about three feet apart that covered lighting Dan and the ledge, and a third under the bridge featherd slightly so the bridge didn’t fall into darkness, you see the shot we ended up with” – Nick DeMarchi.