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Sal Zaso Peep Game Section

March 16, 2011

“Sal has been in the NYC blade game for over ten years. I started blading with Sal this past summer as I finally got the balls to get off Long Island and explore spots in Queens/NYC. I met him a bunch of times in the past at skateparks and street sessions but never really got the time to film and session with him. I was always a huge fan of his skating because it was something that most skaters lack, creativity. After seeing countless clips and video parts of him, I decided I wanted to produce a section for Sal since there’s barely any newer footage of him. After blading with Sal all summer and winter long, he became a great friend of mine and I’d like to thank him for busting his ass for my camera. Although there were a few more tricks planned I decided it was time to release it. This footage was filmed in summer 2010 til fall 2011. Music by Stellastarr. and ENJOY the edit, thanks for reading as well if you did” – Sean Grossman.


Peep Game Montage 1

February 2, 2011

“First montage from my online video. Music by David Bowie. Shot on DVX100B. Skaters include Ryan Smith, Anthony Soto, Justin Brasco, Brian Pina, Bobby Sullivan, Bobby Reichel, Chris Murphy, Pat Irwin, Alex Nunez, Pat Bernet, Nick Orena, Phil Weaver, Dan Bradham, Joey Graziano, and Damian Michalski” – Sean Grossman.

Chris Murphy Peep Game

January 27, 2011

Chris Murphy from Long Island, New York rollerblading part. Filmed and edited By Sean Grossman. Music by The Octopus Project.

Trevor Johnson Peep Game

January 24, 2011

“I’ve been slacking with these edits as they were just sitting in completion on my computer without being released. Want to finally release them before they get too old. This is Trevors part in my online video with a mixture of footage from 08-10 period. He recently hurt his knee and wasn’t really able to film any new footage but the skating talks for itself. Filmed on a dvx100b mk2 and a vx2100 mk1 int. music by Robust. Stay tuned for the rest of the video to come as well. Thanks” – Sean Grossman.