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Nick Uhas Going For Pro Episodes 4 and 5

January 13, 2011

Catch up with NYC’s newest skater Nick Uhas as he continues his music mission and heads to Queens, NY to skate the Maloof skate plaza. Filmed and edited by Brazilionaire.

Nick Uhas Going For Pro Episodes 2 and 3

December 26, 2010

Check out the latest two episodes of Nick Uhas’ going for pro series filmed on location in New York City.

ONE Blade Life: Going For Pro with Nick Uhas

December 12, 2010

“Where do we go from here? Sounds like a question you ask yourself when you break up with your girlfriend or get caught stealing from your neighborhood Wal-Mart. Well, in this case it’s not that type of question, nor is it that awkward kind of situation (no police or girls involved… okay, there was a girl involved). But it was a question that was on my mind. I’d just landed in NYC, home of many amazing legendary skaters like Franco Cammayo, Billy O’Neill and Alex Nunez. However, I did not intend on moving to NYC at all when I took a job in New Haven, CT, in June. I was plucked from the skating training grounds of Los Angeles to work as a video host for a new Webseries.

The Webseries was to center around the making of a brand-new feature length film called “College Musical The Movie.” I previously knew the producer/writer/director and actors from going to school with them at Yale University. Who you know really is so important. Working as camera man, producer, and host of a Webseries is pretty much a 2x full time job, although I did get to sneak away to the New Haven skatepark every now and again. I would also like to add I was hired for the job because of a skating Webseries Brazil and I put together in Chicago. In fact, I learned entirely about production from working on productions with Brazil. That guy stays busy” – Nick Uhas. Full Stury on the ONE Magazine website.


Flip The Script Last Man Standing Edit

August 31, 2010

“Last Man Standing 2010. A peek into the controversial LMS 2010. Enjoy! Skaters feat but not limited to: Ramelle Knight, Joseph Stephens, Brian Aragon, Ralphy(PR), Jimmy Shuda, Julian Bah, Mark Wodja, Ray Genera, Franco Cammayo, Steve Cortes, Nick Uhas, Jose Henriquez, Hyper Mike, Jesus Medina, Evan Grimball, Carlos Montenegro, Trevor Johnson, and many many more! Thank you for watching! Stay Tuned!” – Flip The Script.

Last Man Standing 2010 Pro Competition

August 29, 2010

“August 28th 2010 has now come and gone….But nonetheless it was a remarkable weekend for me. This day is known for the Last Man Standing Pro Competition held in Upper West Manhattan at a spot that many do not skate for fun called The Pit. The Pit is a good area because the residents nor police bother rollerbladers at all. One thing is for sure though, The Pit is not a session spot but a very dangerous spot that has tested many. On this day a fellow New York Roller and friend was injured when he crossed the path of the last spot on this day. Recover well and soon Jesus Medina. (more…)

Do You Skate?

July 16, 2010

Do You Skate? Is a music video produced, written, and starring Nick Uhas during his visiting trip to New York City. The video features Nick skating the Pier 62 skatepark, bottle rails and down the streets of Manhattan. Check it out up top.


Nick Uhas Chicago to NYC Podcast + Behind the Scenes Footage

May 11, 2010

Check the highlight edit of Nick Uhas’ Chicago to NYC tour featuring Franco Cammayo, Billy O’Neill, Thumper Nagasko, Greg Kieffer owner of Tri-State Skate and more. “Catch the highlights of the Chicago to NYC tour with Nick Uhas and some special guests. Filmed by Thumper Nagasako, Nick Uhas, and friends. Edited by Brazilionaire” – RazorsNews. Bonus! I Roll NY received behind the scenes footage thanks to Gus Pope from the session at Tri-State Skate below.

Tri-State Skate Pro Session Edit

April 29, 2010

Andrew Greenblatt attended the Pro session at Drop-In Skatepark held by Tri-State Skate. The edit features Nick Uhas, Thumper Nagasako, Billy O’Neill, Ramelle Knight, Greg Sturino, Tim Franken, and Dave Lang. Check out all the big tricks filmed and edited by Andrew Greenblatt.

Pro Demo at Tri-State Skate This Friday!

April 20, 2010

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Tri-State Skate is hosting a pro demo at Drop-In Skatepark this Friday April 23rd, with special guests Nick Uhas, Billy O’Niell, Ramelle Knight and Franco Cammayo. Besides all the great skating that will go down TSS is also having a ton of sales and giveaways Friday. Tri-State Skate is located in Drop-In skatepark at 143 Rt. 59 East Building 4E Hillburn NY 10931. The event starts at 6PM and lasts till 10PM. Be there!