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April 15, 2012

Take a look at all the hits, the misses, and all the in-betweens while filming a typical NYC session. Featuring Sean Grossman, Kunga Ng, Malik Ashby, Nick Riggle, Jesus Medina, and more.

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August 16, 2009

Photo: Sarkis Kalashian

The guys over at or put simply, SHOCK, have put up their interview with Mushroom blading pioneer Nick Riggle. Nick has been living in New York City for a few months now attending school and enjoying our city’s lifestyle. I Roll NY previously got in contact with Mr. Riggle and interviewed him months back but unfortunately we did not stay in contact. SHOCK fortunately makes up for our lazyness and puts together a great interview with Nick. Subjects of philosophy, music, art and of course skating are all touched upon in the interview. Nick offers his intelligent and indepth point of view in his answers making it a really great and educational read whether you’re involved in the skate world or not. Check the SHOCK interview with Nick Riggle here.


Nick Riggle Interview Preview

February 1, 2009

Photo: Drew Humphrey

Friday night, myself along with Adonis Taylor and photographer Drew Humphrey, met up with rollerblading legend Nick Riggle and got to sit down and interview the Mushroom Blading pioneer. He gave us some insight on his history and involvement in rollerblading along with some insider scoops that to my knowledge have not yet been revealed. It was a great experience talking to someone who had such a big impact in the rollerblading culture and continues to keep participating in it. The interview is in the works. In the meantime check out some of Nick’s style of rolling in his Salomon section below.