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Oil City Christmas Session

December 25, 2011

Skating from Bobby Reichel, Sean Grossman, Glenn Jersey, Pat Mcelhinney, Vinny Torres, Neil Diskin, Kyle Sola, Austin Sullivan, Andrew Albarracin, Alex Karayannis, Johnny Ramirez, Dave Herrera, Fabian, and Justin Brasco.

Filmed by Glenn Jersey, Sean Grossman, Austin Sullivan, and Bobby Reichel.

Big Apple Montage 2011

April 23, 2011

Featuring Ryan Smith, Mikey Roman, Mike Fischer, Anthony Soto, Austin Croteau, Sal Zaso, Dave Lang, Will Chan, Dan Bradham, Sean Grossman, Shawn Gradilone, Neil Diskin, James Perez, Franco Cammayo, Trevor Johnson, Nick Orena, Chris Murphy, and Alex Nunez. Filmed and edited by Sean Grossman.

Slash & Dash The Arizona 2010 Documentary

September 2, 2010

It’s about that time again when the Rochester, NY crew shows the online world their yearly trip to Arizona. This year the ROC boys bring NYC’s Austin Paz and Buffalo, NY’s Dan Barnes. “3rd Annual Arizona trip featuring Mike Torres, Austin Paz, Dan Birch, Tim Adams, Steve Bruning, Dan Barnes, Mike Welland, Jason Reyna, Neil Diskin, Gary Murphy, Grant Hazelton, Casey McFarland, James Johnson, and Justin Brasco. Filmed/Edited by Mike Torres” – Revolution Skate.

Lets Roll NY Session 5 Footage

May 22, 2010

Caught a couple of clips from last weekend’s, May 15th, Lets Roll New York session held in Queens, NY. Skaters include Yannes Sootes, Neil Diskin, Sasha Sergieiev, Angelo Ferrer, and Cesar Macay. Check out some of the tricks that went down on Saturday.

Slash and Dash Trailer

May 10, 2010

It’s about that time again when the Rochester, NY crew shows the online world their yearly trip to Arizona. This year the ROC boys bring NYC’s Austin Paz and Buffalo, NY’s Dan Barnes. Here’s a trailer of the future online video Slash & Dash. “The documentation of the annual Roc City ‘Arizona Trip’, featuring Tim Adams, Austin Paz, Justin Brasco, Grant Hazelton, Dan Barnes, Steve Bruning, Gary Murphy, Dan Birch, Mike Welland, Neil Diskin, Casey McFarland, Jason Reyna, James Johnson, and Mike Torres” – Revolution.

Neil Diskin Flushing Meadows Edit

December 7, 2009

Check the edit of Neil Diskin skating the globe in Flushing Meadows park in Queens, NY. The edit takes place during one of our summer mindsoulp are lazy faggots Lets Roll NY sessions. A lot of great lines and tech tricks are laced by Neil. Filmed and edited by Glenn Jersey.

Neil Diskin Be-Mag Setup Session

November 17, 2009

Neil Diskin – 180 Gap. Photo: Glenn Jersey. (Click to view the interview)

Long Island, NY skater Neil Diskin was featured on Be-Mag’s Setup Sessions online articles previously. It’s a brief look into a daily session with Neil with some great photos from fellow Long Island-er Glenn Jersey. You can take a look into Neil’s life and see all of the photos on the Be-Mag Setup Sessions page.


Casualty COW 2

November 9, 2009

Casualty clothing premiered their second clip of the week today featuring some of the Casualty crew and friends skating the Medford, New York area. I’m glad to see them follow up with the COW’s because Long Island looks like the place to be. The edit includes skating from Joey Graziano, Matt Gorton, Bobby Reichel, Neil Diskin, and Justin Brasco. BTW Matt Gorton hasn’t skated in eight years (cause he’s too busy creating/printing sick tees) and still manages to pull off a smooth back farf. Check out Casualty’s first COW here.

Queens, NY Edit Featuring Kevin Yee and Tommy Boy By: Sean Grossman

August 28, 2009

Our friends over at SHOCK out in San Fran. made a trip to NYC earlier in the year and Long Island’s Sean Grossman caught some great footage of Kevin Yee and Tommy Boy skating the Flushing, Queens area. Along with the San Fran boys, Alex Nunez, Trevor Johnson, Neil Diskin, Brian Pina, and Sean Grossman catch a few great lines at the famous Globe spot along with a few other Queens area spots. Peep game.

Long Island Photos By: Glenn Jersey

August 21, 2009

Bobby Reichel – BS Royale to BS royale to drop in Photo: Glenn Jersey (Click to enlarge)

Glenn Jersey is a great photographer out of Long Island, NY who’s stepping up and representing his part of New York. About a week ago Glenn sent an email asking why there wasn’t much coverage of Long Island on I Roll NY and I simply answered, no one from LI submitted any content yet. Taking the opportunity that was presented into his own hands, Glenn sent me some amazing pictures all out of the Long Island area showcasing their local spots and talented bladers. Check out Glenn’s sick photos featuring Joey G, Dan Bradham, and Neil Diskin after the jump. I want to say thanks to Glenn for taking advantage of what I Roll NY has to offer. I hope more people follow his lead and i’m sure we’ll see more work from Glenn in the future.