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Rochester “Where’s Winter?” Session

January 18, 2012

Featuring Kyle Bartlett, Nate Hall, Bryan Weise, and Grant Hazelton. Edit

December 4, 2011

Featuring Grant Hazelton, Mike Torres, Nate Hall, Chris Py, Dave Poe, Nick Demarchi, Ricky Coster, Steve Bruning, Mike Lanthier, Malik Glenn, & Stefan Brandow. Filmed by Ricky Coster & Dan Barnes. Edited by Ricky Coster.

Four Clips with Tim Adams

November 5, 2011

Shot and cut by Nate Hall. Filmed on 11/3/11 at Rochester Action Sports Park.

Spring Buffalo, NY 2011 Edit

June 12, 2011

Featuring skating from Kyle Bartlett, Josh Marlinski, Chris Py, Greg Honeytoast, Steve Gibson, Nate Hall, and Ricky Coster.

Rochester TNS Park Edit

February 8, 2011

Featuring Josh Marlinksi, Nate Hall, Brandon Cripps, Tim Adams, Stefan Brandow, Nate Born, Chris Parwulski, Grant Hazelton, and Mike Torres. “R.A.S.P (Rochester Action Sports Park) holds Thursday night rollerblading only sessions, and every week there’s 30-40 WNY bladers skating their asses off. We are constantly seeing new faces come to the park, and old faces back on blades again. The Rochester scene is thriving and every week everyone at the session kills it. This is just a small sample of whats been going down the past few months” – Stefan Brandow.

Nate Hall – The Paycheck Edit

December 18, 2010

“Since I met Nate he has been one of the most positive people I have ever met in rollerblading, yet is so humble of his own skating and unaware of how awesome it really is. Nate is always the one that will pick you up and give everyone advice when they’re down or need help. When the bitter New York winter thaws, expect more from Nate Hall” – Stefan Brandow.

Rochester, NY Photos

November 22, 2010

Nate Hall – 180 into the street.

Check out three new photos from the Rochester, NY scene featuring Nate Hall, Mike Torres, and Tim Adams. Photos by Jim Haschmann. (more…)

August 2010 Rochester, NY Edit

September 22, 2010

Check out the latest Rochester, NY edit from last month featuring Grant Hazelton, Nate Hall, Tim Adams, Josh Marlinski, Kyle Bartlett, and more Rocheste locals. Filmed and edited by Nate Hall.

July 2010 Rochester, NY Edit

August 15, 2010

Check the latest from the Rochester, NY skate scene featuring Jim Haschmann, Nate Hall, Richie Q, Ricky Coster, Tim Adams, Steve Bruning, and Josh Marlinksi. Filmed and edited by Nathaniel Hall.

Rochester Photo Session

April 17, 2010

Steve Bruning – AO negative acid

James Haschmann sends another great photo set from Rochester, NY featuring Brandon Cripps, Grant Hazelton, Nate Hall, and Steve Bruning. Check out all the photos from the iron angle ledge after the jump.