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Malik Ashby Street Mechanics Interview

May 2, 2010

Malik Ashby has been featured on the Street Mechanics website. Check out his interview to get an inside look on Mal’s thoughts on the NYC, east coast scene and check out the latest edit above. “This young Gun has been reppin the BX since 05 a very positive lil brotha with serious style and charisma Mal made his way into mainstream rolling one grind at a time under the close watch of Dipskate’s own Ramelle Knight and Ralphy Herrera I bless you with the Mal Ashby Interview” – Mike SP.

Monday Night Skate Drop-In Edit

April 24, 2010

“This footage was from about two maybe three weeks ago from a Tri-State Skate Monday Night Skate session their was only TWO Skateboarders at this session. It was a very mellow session but all and some pretty decent tricks went down. The usual suspect are all here, Crazy Pat Barnet, Joey Zitelli, Sam DeAngelis, Jim Koenig, Chris Kolodziej, Ryan Many and much more….Music By Aesop Rock” – Mike SP.

Street Mechanics Spring ’10 Line

January 14, 2010

Mike SP has premiered the Street Mechanics 2010 line via Facebook and has now released this online ad for his newest product release. Check out a more detailed look at the Street Mechanics line on the Facebook fan page and check out the ad above. “This is a very far fetch way to make an ad but I really don’t care. THIS IS NOT AN INSTRUCTIONAL TO MAKING CRACK!!!!!!This is a representation of the shirt being CRACK hence the name of the ad….” – Mike SP.

Street Mechanics’ 10 Tri-State Skaters to look out for in 2010

December 19, 2009

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Mike SP of Street Mechanics Apparel posted his ten choices of skaters who have made an impact this year and who the world should look out for in the coming year. All skaters are from the tri-state area including four skaters from the New York area. Check the article here to see Mike’s 10 choices and why they were chosen. “With 2009 rapidly coming to a close, I decided to do something that hasn’t been done in a while…..Predictions for the coming year in rollerblading. I have been to alot of great comps this year, not to mention hosting a pretty sweet one myself. Sessions were going off everywhere especially in NY and NJ. Alot of pictures were taken, a ton of edits were made and a ton of talent was shown…..But who honestly stood out to make that much of an impression that they would make it on this list?” – Mike SP.

Battle at Brick City Results

October 11, 2009

The Street Mechanics Real Street Competition went down today and here are the final results from the organizer of the competition, Michael Scott Peterson. Third place, Mike Roman. Second place, Ray Girano. First place, NYC’s Trevor Johnson. As well NYC’s Chauncey Jenkins took the titles of Brass Balls and Best Trick. The edit will be up soon.

Battle At Brick City This Sunday

October 9, 2009

Why Sunday? Well there’s a chance of a rain again this Saturday and instead of postponing the competition another week and seeing as Sunday will be a clear day…why not? You can see photos of two of the selected spots as well as some of the merch the competition will be providing to everyone on I Roll NY’s previous post. Get all the information at the Street Mechanics Blog. Directions from the Path train to the first spot can be found on the Be-Mag messageboard (Scroll down). If you’re too lazy to look check out the info after the jump.

Battle At Brick City Postpotned! Will Not Be Happening Today!

October 3, 2009

Due to the likely hood of rain today the Battle at Brick City will not be happening. The rain date may be in affect but stay tuned for more info as it arrives. On another Note, here’s one more reason to come out to Newark, NJ. Check the pictures after the jump to see a sneak peak of two of the spots for the competition and some of the products and merchandise that will be given out during the competition. You may notice I Roll NY’s contribution in the photos.

Mike SP Last Man Standing 2009 Flow Edit

September 16, 2009

“This edit is just some of the behind the scene hanging out and just having a good time in the name of Rollerblading….Nothing to fancy just a little something to show you what the energy was like with rollerbladers from all over the country gathered to skate chill and have fun. Please enjoy” – Mike SP

Brooklyn Banks Session Edit by: Mike SP

March 23, 2009

Saturday March 21st was the How We Roll Skate Gathering held at the Brooklyn Banks. Every rollerblader in the tri state area was in attendance. Mike SP of New Jersey recently uploaded this edit of his travel to New York City and some of the tricks that went down that day. Check out Skeptic Media’s Evan G 540 over the down rail while he catches his hat mid spin.