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Queens, NY Summer Edit by: Sean Ashby

July 22, 2009

Sean Ashby submits another edit coming out of Queens, NY featuring Danny Villanueva, Benny Lee, Matthew Perales, Michael Nieto, and Sean Ashby. The edit includes spots all over the Queens area and Manhattan area. “…Three days of skating the city and Queens. Thanks to Danny V for driving us everywhere. Also thanks to Anna for filming. Expect a lot more during the summer” Sean Ashby. Check the edit above and expect to see more from Sean and the Queens crew.


Friend Edit By: Sean Ashby

June 26, 2009

Sean Ashby recently put up an online edit featuring a bunch of skaters from all over New York City skating all over the Queens, NY area. Skaters include Sean Ashby, Benny Lee, Michael Nieto, Jonathan Fresneda, Dave Wauhop, Tim Ramos, Danny Villanueva, and others.