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The McCarren Money Maker Sunday June 25th

June 4, 2017


The first competition of the Summer is going down at the McCarren Skatepark Sunday, June 25th. Check out all the details and info below.

Date: Sunday, June 25, 2017
Time: 12:00PM Registration / 1:00PM Comp Starts
Location: McCarren Skatepark
Entrance Fee: $5
Train Directions: L train to Lorimer Street / G train to Metropolitan Ave.


Vintage Williamsburg Edit

October 20, 2010

Featuring Chad Caroselli at the McCarren Skatepark in the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn, NY.

One Day in Brooklyn, NY

April 3, 2010

Check the edit made by Bronx, NY’s Shardy Nieves filmed at McCarren Skatepark in Brooklyn, NY. The edit features Troy Hanner, Modesto Tito, Shardy Nieves and more. BTW Great song choice.

A Weekend in NYC

March 15, 2010

Before we got hit with all this rain Shardy Nieves met up with a few locals and filmed a few sessions at various skateparks around our city. “My homey Jared (Fetus) came out to stay with me for a week from the corn fields of Iowa to the mean streets of NYC. We took him out for a good Ol NYC Skate session before he bounced… Fun skating but more importantly we had a great time doin what we love. Check it out” – Shardy Nieves.

Ian Copp Photos at McCarren Skatepark

December 29, 2009

Ian Copp – Sweatstance

Photos and story by: Drew Humphrey. “It was a cool autumn day in November, just right for a skate in the park. I called my friend Omar up and we headed over to McCarren skatepark. We were going to meet up with Ian Copp from Tampa, Florida. When we got there the park was flooded with skateboarders and a solo skater. We introduced ourselves and skated around for few. after a while my feet were hurting from my new liners so i though i would set up and take a few pics. I saw Ian try sweat stance on the bank ledge and asked if he would like to try again and lace it for a photo. He thought it would be cool. After a few tries he locked on and landed the sweat stance. Then he went and got a sweet front unity” – Drew Humphrey.

Ian Copp – Unity

Art of Rolling Issue 6 (Cozmik dedication, Pier 62 pics, Last Man Standing pics and much more!)

December 4, 2009

Click to view AOR #6

Art of Rolling issue 6 has dropped! Filled with amazing content as usual, this issue is dedicated to our lost friend Brian “Cozmik” Scott. Issue 6 covers everything from AOR’s random adventures (including being featured on NBA player Stephon Marbury’s show,) an interview with NYC pioneer Gil Vasquez, exclusive Pier 62 photos and info, Last Man Standing coverage, a history of roller skating, an Anthony Soto photo set, Kaltik frames interview, NYC night session photos, McCarren skatepark photos, Lets Roll New York Time Square photos, First time ever Autumn Bowl photos, and an interview with NYC legend Dave Ortega and much more. See Art of Rolling issue 6 here. Art of Rolling is also having a huge sale on their finger skates for the holiday season which you can see at the AOR Finger Skate site.