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Last Man Standing Behind the Scenes Photos

August 31, 2010

Rah the MC controlling the crowd

This year’s fifth annual Last Man Standing has had an overwhelming amount of media coverage on all of the big tricks that went down during the contest. Photographer Christen Cofer captured all of the behind the scenes action that was going on in the crowd and with the competing skaters. Check out all the photos below.

Last Man Standing 2010 Pro Competition

August 29, 2010

“August 28th 2010 has now come and gone….But nonetheless it was a remarkable weekend for me. This day is known for the Last Man Standing Pro Competition held in Upper West Manhattan at a spot that many do not skate for fun called The Pit. The Pit is a good area because the residents nor police bother rollerbladers at all. One thing is for sure though, The Pit is not a session spot but a very dangerous spot that has tested many. On this day a fellow New York Roller and friend was injured when he crossed the path of the last spot on this day. Recover well and soon Jesus Medina. (more…)

Mark Wojda Wins Last Man Standing

August 28, 2010

The fifth annual Last Man Standing contest went off today in Washington Heights and everyone in New York City represented! Shout outs to everyone who skated in the contest and came out to support. The crowd was huge and the tricks were crazy. After all was said done, and all the hammers dropped, and tech tricks laced, Mark Wojda came out the victor. Stay tuned for more coverage of the fifth annual Last Man Standing contest and an upcoming edit from As well, everyone show love to Jesus Medina who had an unfortunate injury today. We’re all hoping you heal up fast and come back 100%.

Signature DVD Official Trailer #2

April 15, 2010

“The Signature DVD is out in shops everywhere. Pick up your copy and get hyped up to roll today. Features the best from the Beast Coast… Alex Nunez, Jeff Dalnas, Mark Wojda, Tim Franken, John Bolino, Franco Cammayo, Billy O’niell, Dan Breuer, Ryan Many, “Crazy” Pat Bernat and many many more. – Jason Staine.

Signature Premiere Today!

February 21, 2010

The day is finally here. NYC will be having an official theatrical premiere of the most talked about video in recent weeks, Signature. After tonight’s premiere there will be an after party featuring a skate photo gallery that is welcome to all ages. Please remember to show up on time. Late arrivals may not get a chance to see the video as the theater has only been reserved from 7:00PM – 8:00PM. The premiere takes place at the Anthology Film Archive. The after party will take place at the CSV Cultural and Educational Center. Walking directions from the Anthology Film Archive to the CSV Center here via google maps. Hope to see you all there!

Signature NYC Premiere February 21st

February 9, 2010

Jason Staine of Rolling Film Media will be premiering his most talked about video “Signature” in NYC later this month! We will be the first to see the likes of Tim Franken, Jeff Dalnas, Alex Nunez, Mark Wojda along with a fantastic NYC section in a reserved movie theater in Manhattan. It will all takes place at the Anthology Film Archive at 7:00PM. The theater has been reserved only for this film so DO NOT BE LATE! You can expect to see a special theatrical release of the film and you can of course pick up your very own DVD copy along with your ticket to the theater at the box office.


The Signature after party will take place at the CSV Cultural and Educational Center where a skate photo gallery will be featured. Open to all ages. Walking directions from the Anthology Film Archive to the CSV Center here via google maps.

Can’t wait till then? Tri-State Skate has Signature in stock! Make sure to check out New York’s one and only online shop to get Signature now! All info above and be sure to re-watch the Signature trailer below.

Signature Official Trailer

January 7, 2010

The most talked about film recently, Signature, has finally been revealed with a sneak peak trailer from Rolling Film Media creator Jason Staine. “Rolling Film Media is proud to present its first major video release featuring Jeff Dalnas, Alex Nunez, Mark Wojda, Tim Franken, Dan Breuer, John Bolino and an unforgettable montage covering many of the top rollerbladers in New York City. PLus you’ll also get introduced to the skating of Ryan Many and “Crazy” Pat Bernat all filmed in HD. This DVD also features tons of bonus footage captured thought out my many travels. Scheduled to be released for the Bitter Cold Showdown. any inquires please email me at” – Jason Staine.

Sneak Peak of The New Video Signature

December 22, 2009

Click to enlarge

Jason Staine of Rolling Film Media sent an email with this teaser screen cap of a monster roll in by “Crazy” Pat Bernat featured in the new video Signature. The highly anticipated film will feature an amazing cast with the likes of Mark Wojda, Jeff Dalnas, Tim Franken, and new addition, NYC’s own Alex Nunez. Signature will also feature a great NYC section that promises to deliver. Check out the Rolling Film Media website for more behind the scenes coverage of the new film. Also, check out all the Alex Nunez clips to the left of the screen cap to get a feeling of how awesome the video will be.

I Roll NY Feature: Rolling Film Media

September 12, 2009

Click to view the Rolling Film Media website

Rolling Film Media is a production company run by Jason Staine from New Jersey, that covers our East Coast scene featuring Boston, Philadelphia, and of course New York City. Jason has been producing quality work since the establishment of Rolling Film Media and has already created a great East Coast video. Jason’s newest work is titled, Signature, which has an expected release date of December 2009 and features Jeff Dalnas, Mark Wojda, Tim Franken and some of our local NYC talent. I really like the concept behind Signature because it’s something that we all do. “When a rollerblader lands a trick so memorable that for years to come whenever rollerbladers return to that spot and recall that trick it can be said that the rollerblader left their signature thereā€ – Jason Staine. With that definition and the skaters featured in the video I think it’s safe to say that they’ll be plenty of hammers and stunts. Check out the Rolling Film Media website for more info and updates from Jason’s latest product.

A Weekend in New York By: Stefan Brandow

September 9, 2009