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Art of Rolling Issues 1-5 Available on CD

September 5, 2009

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Angelo and Layla Ferrer have released a very special issue of the Art of Rolling #5 on a CD-Rom format which features all of the previous AOR issues. This CD’s along with the Art of Rolling shirts will be available today. For those that can’t make it out to the Last Man Standing competition, This special edition issue is available for sale through the Art of Rolling website. “Now Available! The exclusive wrapped and packaged Art of Rolling 5 issue special edition CD’s. This CD contains Art of Rolling Issues 1-5 as well as extra special content. Don’t miss your chance to own your very own Art of Rolling CD Rom” – Layla Ferrer.

Art of Rolling Issue 5 Released! A History of Rollerblading in NYC! Special Art of Rolling X I Roll NY Discount Sale!

September 4, 2009

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OK, this post has a lot of information that everybody needs to know about so make sure to click on the “Read the rest of the entry” link below. This is truly an exciting time for New York. Our LRNY sessions are getting major online attention, The biggest skate competition in New York is one day away, and now Angelo Ferrer and Layla Quinones drop the Art of Rolling issue 5! The issue can be summed up in one word: Perfect. Bursting with content, Issue 5 is filled with amazing pictures, coverage, and interviews from everyone in New York to even outside New Yorker’s like Chris Haffey. “This issue is a special old school/new school issue featuring old school pros Joe Dedentro, Kelly “Buttaz” Matthews, Jose Disla, Rawlinson Rivera, Ron Hunter, and new school pros Franco Cammayo, Chris Haffey, also featuring exclusive coverage of the Lets Roll sessions in NYC, and the Allerton Summer Heat competition in the Bronx. Don’t miss this issue because it’s one of the best ones out there! View the issue online here” – Angelo Ferrer. The issue has also been released in a flash format, that does not require a download, making it a very easy and enjoyable read. Issue 5 also provides a literal history of the NYC rolling scene which Angelo explains after the jump. This is a definite must read.

Lets Roll NY Session Five Photos By: Jeremy Stephenson

August 22, 2009

Group photo (Click to enlarge)

Jeremy Stephenson aka Jero has been staying in our city for a few months now and has been joining in on our last few Lets Roll NY Sessions. Known to take amazing photographs for Be-Mag magazine, Jero has graced our city with his talent and captured an amazing set from LRNY’s fifth session at Coleman skatepark. Check out all of his photos after the jump including Jesus Medina’s gap disaster soul, Robert Monegro’s misty flip, and some of the most stylish photos of Franco Cammayo and John Stephens. Thanks to Jero for his work and allowing his photos to be posted on I Roll NY.

I Roll NY X Be-Mag: Lets Roll NY Wrap Up

August 19, 2009

Lets Roll NY featured on Be-Mag’s main site (Click to enlarge)

I mentioned a week or so ago, via the I Roll NY facebook and twitter pages, that I Roll NY was in the works of doing a collaborative online article with Be-Mag. Today in honor of LRNY’s sixth session, which you can find out about below, Be-Mag put up their “Let’s Roll NY Wrap Up” article written by yours truly, Craig Benabu. Thank you to all of the skaters in NYC and outside of NYC that made the sessions as big as they are. Thanks to all of you, we’re bringing the media attention that our scene deserves. You can check the article on Be-Mag’s main site. Direct link to “Let’s Roll NY Wrap Up” here. A special thanks to Victor Callender who organizes these sessions, make sure you give him props when you see him today. Photographs by Glenn Jersey, Angelo Ferrer, Adonis Taylor and Craig Benabu.

One Magazine Photo Journal: Angel Ferrrer #2

August 5, 2009

Sean Grossman – 180. Photo: Angelo Ferrer. (click to enlarge)

One Magazine’s latest article in their Photo Journal series has come from the New York City area once more. Angelo Ferrer has been featured and has gotten his second Photo Journal featuring Imagyne team rider, Sean Grossman, from Long Island, NY. “…we came across a double set that Sean and I instantly knew would make an awesome photo. Recently, Sean attempted a huge gap and ended up hitting his head really badly, but being the fearless skater that he is, he decided to jump this gap only two weeks after the accident…He jumped so fast that I thought I wasn’t going to be able to capture it; with nothing but natural light, I was able to capture a glimpse into what it feels like to be hovering in the air on a 20 ft gap.” – Angelo Ferrer. To read more of Angelo’s story check out the One Magazine article.


Psyko Clothing Featured in One Magazine

July 28, 2009

Click to enlarge

Brooklyn’s own Psyko Clothing has been featured in One Magazine’s “Gear” Summer ’09 review. Check the pic above for a more detailed look. “Add some New York City grit-chic to your collection with the screen-print stylings from Psyko Clothing. Printed on American Apparel fitted T-shirts with an eye to minimalist tendencies, this emerging brand is further evidence of the resurgence and diversity of blading coming out of NYC” – One Magazine. Support Psyko and visit the company’s site under the NY Media links.

Art of Rolling Issue 4 Sneak Peak

June 30, 2009

Anthony Soto – GREATEST SWEATSTANCE EVER (Click to enlarge)

Angelo Ferrer has released some exclusive pictures from his up and coming issue of The Art of Rolling webzine. The new issue features Ramelle Knight, Trevor Johnson, Jordan Baez, Hyper mike, Anthony Soto and more. To see more pictures check out Angelo’s Flickr page. Also The Art of Rolling magazine is looking for sponsors. If you’re interested check out the post here. If you can’t wait till issue four check out the previous issues of the Art of Rolling under the NY Company links.


Balance Webzine Interview With Matt Andrews

June 18, 2009

Click to view Balance online magazine

Be-Mag released their new webzine, Balance, focusing on skaters managing their sports lifestyle with their normal everyday life. The magazine features an insightful article on Chris Haffey and an interview with a legend who’s been living in New York City for the past few years, Matt Andrews. Matt gives an inside look in his involvement with his past professional rollerblading life and his current media lifestyle and how he manages both. If you like graphics, specifically motion graphics, this is a good read. Download the PDF here. For those that may not know Matt, check the old school edit below.


Angelo Ferrer Premieres “Art of Rolling” Zine

March 7, 2009

Photo: Craig Benabu

Yesterday in the New York City industry meeting post, I mentioned that photographer Angelo Ferrer is working on creating a new magazine and last night he released it online for FREE! The first issue of the “Art of Rolling” zine features a ton of pictures of NYC’s finest rollerbladers that Angelo took personally. “Me and my girl have started a free rollerblading zine that is dedicated to New York City skating. This zine is in black and white and free for all the skaters who wish to view the Art of Rolling. We are currently out of stock of our first issue, which was given to rollerbladers in NYC. To check out the online PDF visit There will be future issues monthly, so be sure to look for the next issue next month. Thank You all of the skaters who participated in this issue!” – Angelo. I got my hands on their magazine Wednesday night and it’s definitly worth the 2 seconds it takes to download. Angelo and his wife are taking the right steps to help expose the talent of New York City and now they’re asking you to be apart of it.

This is your chance to get your face and name out to the world! If you’ve always wanted to have your picture in a published magazine this is your opportunity! Contact Angelo at for more information!

One Magazine Presents: Get Someone to Blade Day!

January 8, 2009

“It’s a new year, now let’s go make some new friends! Each dedicated rollerblader wants to see our sport and culture grow to its fullest potential, and Get Someone to Blade Day is here to remind us that one person can make a difference. But getting a new person on blades is about more than just making a new rollerblader, it’s a chance to share the unique awesomeness that is blade culture with new people; to pass the fun you get from blading on to someone else’s life. It’s a win-win situation all around. So don’t be shy. Keep your old blades in your trunk and when you hit up the park next time, get them on a pair of feet. Drag your non-skating friends in with you to the local skate shop. Bring ‘em to the video premieres and events in your area.” – One Magazine. More on the story here

We here at I Roll NY love this concept and appreciate One Magazine for leading the way in branching out to your non-rolling friends. So New York rollers, tell the people you chill at with school, on the block, or just in genereal to come by and check out your favorite skate video. I’m sure they’ll appreciate it and it’ll be a topic starter. Bring them into the culture you’re apart of and let them shockingly ask, “Oh sh*t, you do that?” and you can proudly say, “Yes!” Check out some of the designs for this campaign below, designed by Chris Piasci.