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Lets Roll NY Session 1 Edit

April 18, 2010

Yesterday we got a look at the second LRNY session and today we get a look at what went down during the first session of the summer. This edit is brought to you by the man himself Victor Callender. Check the edit featuring James Perez, Emil Marvin, and many more at the Coleman skatepark, Brooklyn Banks, and marble ledges in downtown Manhattan. Filmed and edited by Victor Callender.

A Day in the Life of Shardy Nieves

February 6, 2010

Bronx, NY’s Shardy Nieves aka Pimp Juice documented a day in his life earlier in the week on one of the many cold days we’ve been enduring in NYC. It’s always good to see that our scene is rich enough that even the older heads are going in during this cold weather. Check out the edit…I mean documentary above and be jealous of the PB&J sandwiches. “Sometimes you have to put the production value aside and just film yourself having fun” – Shardy Nieves.

I Roll NY Clip of the Week #8

February 3, 2010

This week’s Clip of the Week, or what seems to be turning into edit of the week, features Jesus Medina (in his second c.o.w.) at the Coleman Skatepark in New York, NY. Filmed over an hour or so of skating during the MLK holiday. Filmed and edited by Craig Benabu. BTW this was filmed with a Flip Vid camera at 30 fps and edited in WMM so don’t be too cruel ;).

John Tkaczuk Edit

December 13, 2009

John Tkaczuk is a young skater from Manhattan, NY. At 17 years-old John has developed a smooth style already and floats up to his tricks with ease. Jordan Baez put together this small edit of John skating the LES. Filmed and edited by Jordan Baez. Thanks to Jordan for the pics in the intro.

John Estrella Edit (Remix Edit added)

December 4, 2009

Jordan Baez has been on his film grind lately stacking up clicks of skaters from the LES area and putting out edits representing his part of NYC. Check out the edit of one of LES’ up and coming skaters John Estrella. John is a smooth skater that focuses on style. The edit features the LES area, Houston area and Washington Square Park. Filmed and edited by Jordan Baez. Remix edit added, check it after the jump. (more…)

NYC Edit By: Christian Delfino

August 20, 2009

Christian Delfino spent some time in our city earlier this year and put out his footage from his stay recently. Most of the skating takes place in the Lower East Side area of Manhattan featuring the Brooklyn Banks and other spots along the way. “Me, and 3 skateboarding buddies drove up to NYC from Sarasota, Florida. Spent about 10 days in Harlem on 147th and St. Nicks” – Christian Delfino. To see some of Christian’s photography work, check out his site here.

Rain Rain Go Away

August 13, 2009

A lonely ledge sits in the rain at Coleman skatepark Photo: Lindley Ross

Though yesterday’s LRNY session went off without a hitch, mother nature decided to test out our durability earlier in the day and hit NYC with random showers ranging from a barely noticeable drizzle to a thunder storm depending on your part of the city. Fortunately this did not stop most of the skaters in NYC as everyone still came out to session despite the weather. Coleman skatepark, the brooklyn banks, and marble ledges were all skated with ease as mother nature showed her mercy. Photos will be up soon.

Lets Roll NY Fifth Session is Still on for Today!

August 12, 2009

Click to enlarge

Today is the fifth Lets Roll NY Session. Despite today’s earlier rain, LRNY will take place at Coleman skate park better known as the LES park under the Manhattan bridge. The session will start at 5pm so be on time if you don’t want to miss out on the first spot. Take the F train to East Broadway and head towards the end of the bridge where you’ll see the entrance to the park.

Lets Roll NY Fifth Session Announced

August 10, 2009

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This weeks summer LRNY session will take place at Coleman skate park better known as the LES park under the Manhattan bridge. The session will start at 5pm. Take the F train to East Broadway and head towards the end of the bridge where you’ll see the entrance to the park. They’ve added a lot of different obstacles including ledges, rails and ramps that’ll keep you entertained before we head out to the second spot which will be the world famous Brooklyn Banks followed by Marble ledges on Wall street and Water street. You already know this session will be huge, so come out and show your support. More information and directions on the flyer up top. 1, 2, 3, 4, Fif! Anything you say, Fif!

LES Skatepark Photos by: John Stephens

August 6, 2009

Getting the new generation ready. Photo: John Stephens

Checking out the Dipskate TV website, John Stephens recently uploaded some pictures from one of his sessions with Ramelle Knight and many others at the LES skatepark under the Manhattan Bridge in Manhattan, NY. It’s always good to see people skate with a different crowd and see how they vibe off each other. Check John’s photos after the jump.